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Tony Kaye on Radio Atlantis????

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2 uur geleden zei jonmyer:

According to Please login or register to see this link.  he was on "Radio Atlantis in the 60's". 


Jon, these internet radio streams have really opened the floodgates for these people who have "worked in radio for 40 years", yet nobody has ever heard of them. They appear on just about every stream going as well as many community stations in the UK because their programmes are free to air. On their profiles there are vague details of working on "many local and BBC stations" and then like this fellow working on "Radio Atlantis in the 60's" which is obvious fantasy as the station wasn’t on in the 60’s.

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4 uur geleden zei Piet van der Vooren:

I've never heard of Tony Kaye.

Piet (aka Peter de Vries on Radio Atlantis back in 1974).

Thanks Piet, he was never on Radio Atlantis. It's a story!

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1 uur geleden zei bert ree:

atlantis, a landbased pirate of the sixties in the UK?

No Bert he claims he was on the Jeanine, which as we know was impossible in the 60’s.

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11 uur geleden zei shooglynail72:

A pirate wannabe, lots and lots of them in the FB group pages, most are old men who play at DJs

You have hit the nail on the head!😀

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