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  1. Radio Caroline: The Spirit Of The Seventies From Friday 8th until Sunday 10th July 2022, there was a special MV Mi Amigo reunion onboard the MV Ross Revenge. The compilation of the following photos is meant to document the uniqueness of this meeting. The photos were previously published in various public Facebook communities, many of them on the official Radio Caroline Facebook page. As far as known, the names of the photographers are listed with the individual shots. Click here for the pictures:
  2. Offshore 98 was the first ever German offshore radio station broadcasting from the international waters off the Dutch coast during the Easter 1999 (2 to 5 April 1999) weekend. With a half-year delay, "Offshore 98" turned out to be one of the most spectacular projects the free radio scene has put together in a long time. That very special radio station broadcast on short, medium and long wave from the "Morning Star" (infact it was the Aurora) in the North Sea. Click here for 116 stunning pictures:
  3. 27 beautiful pictures © Evert Drijver Terry Hughes, early breakfast presente on Radio Caroline, writing: I am a current DJ on Radio Caroline. In early May 2022, I was on the Ross Revenge for the weekend, broadcasting live. One of the tour group visitors was Evert Drijver. He told me the story of how he and his friend got a boat out to the 2 ships in 1984: he couldn't go on board the Ross Revenge but as you can see he was welcomed on board Laser 558's ship! I asked him if he had any pics of that day ... well, he does! I asked him to scan them in and send them to me. So for the first time ever we can see these amazing pics! Click here on the picture:
  4. Klik op het foto voor 143 foto's.
  5. Mi Amigo Radio, de échte - live vanaf de Jenni Baynton 22 foto's - 27 mei 2022 - © Theo Bakker Klik hier:
  6. Erres 2234-00Z Volgens mij de enige radio die RNI op 220m en Veronica op 538m op de schaal had. Bij alle andere bekende radio's met zeezenders op de schaal betekende "Noordzee" de uitzendingen vanaf het REM-eiland in 1964 en/of Radio Veronica werd genoteerd op 192m. I think the only radio that had RNI at 220m and Veronica at 538m on the scale. On all other known radios with offshore radio stations on the scale, "Noordzee" meant the broadcasts from REM-eiland in 1964 and/or Radio Veronica was listed at 192m.
  7. Robbie Dale's Diary * 21st April 1940 † 31st August 2021 Recollections of his time at Radio Caroline South, Radio Veronica, TROS and Sunshine Radio 272 pictures and 1 video Klik op het foto:
  8. A trip to the radioship MV Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline and Radio Monique) in the summer of 1986 Featuring John Dwyer, Peter Chicago, Erwin van der Bliek, Haagse Harry (Rob van der Ark), Marjo Marcus, Theo Tromp and others. Uit het archief van Rob Olthof †.
  9. A trip to the Jenni Baynton (Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull) on 23rd May 2009 Fearturing Peter van Dam, Chris Kennedy, Menno Dekker, Nico Stevens (Jos van Heerden), Sietse Brouwer, Hans Knot, Walter Galle and others. Uit het archief van Rob Olthof † 244 foto's staan hier:
  10. John de Mol te gast bij Radio 192 tijdens het RNI Revival 2004 24 april 2004. Met o.a. Ferry Eden, Herman de Bruin, Nico Steenbergen en Michael Bakker. Uit het archief van Rob Olthof †.
  11. Video: Visiting the MV Ross Revenge (Radio 558, Radio Caroline) op 17 augustus 1988 Featuring Peter Chicago, Walter Simons, Ad Roberts, Wim van Egmond, Serge van Gisteren and others. Publicatie met toestemming van Serge Haderman.
  12. Richard H. Cummings on a grandly failed offshore radio project by an US intelligence agency part 1: https://www.historyisnowmagazine.com/blog/2022/1/4/us-cold-war-propaganda-the-cias-ship-for-radio-broadcasts-to-albania-in-the-early-cold-war part 2: https://www.historyisnowmagazine.com/blog/2022/2/15/us-cold-war-propaganda-the-failures-of-the-cia-in-its-radio-broadcasts-to-albania-in-the-early-cold-war-part-2 Details of the yacht Juanita and even a picture: https://www.navsource.org/archives/14/31357.htm Cummings' book "Cold War Frequencies" https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=dvclEAAAQBAJ&pg=GBS.PP1&hl=en_US
  13. Radioschip Jenni Baynton (Radio Waddenzee) - het prille begin in 2005 Uit het archief van Rob Olthof † 60 foto's staan hier:
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