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  1. In memoriam Ben Bode: MV Magda Maria (Radio Paradijs) in 1981 Een video uit het archief van Rob Olthof † Een bezoek aan de MV Magda Maria (Radio Paradijs) na de inbeslagname Nog een video uit het archief van Rob Olthof †
  2. Radio Veronica's zendschip Norderney gestrand in april 1973 (archief Rob Olthof †)
  3. Eurosiege '85: A trip to the MV Ross Revenge and the MV Communicator Uit het archief van Rob Olthof †. See Leendert Vingerling, Jan Veldkamp, Neil Francis, Haagsche Harry (Rob van der Ark), Theo Tromp and most of all the DTI boat Dioptric Surveyor. For several pictures of Eurosiege '85 go to:
  4. Marc Jacobs interviewed by Ferry Eden (both Radio Mi Amigo) - 7th September 2013 Radiotag in Erkrath
  5. A boat trip on 24th July 1971 visiting Radio Veronica and the REM-eiland Uit het archief van Rob Olthof †. Voor beelden van RNI zie op de Hoekkeoh channel:
  6. 16 april 2011. Met de cast van "Herinnert u zich deze nog?", de musical over de zeezender Radio Veronica. 44 foto's van de Veronicadag 2011 in Hotel Lapershoek staan hier:
  7. A trip in 2010 to the Jenni Baynton (Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull) 15th May 2010. See Rob Olthof, Jörg Krips, Walter Galle, Sietse Brouwer, Stevie Gordon, Norman Barrington, Adrian Hondema, Andy Brooks, Chris Kennedy, David Foster, Mandy Marton For the third year in a row, Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull went offshore from 30th April to 16th May 2010. Both stations broadcast from the radio ship Jenni Baynton, which was again moored 8 miles off Harlingen in the northwest in the Netherlands. The final offshore weekend on 15th and 16th May saw nostalgic Radio Seagull live broadcasts 24 hours per day with former offshore radio presenters Norman Barrington (Radio Seagull and Radio Caroline in 1973/74 from the MV Mi Amigo), Stevie Gordon (one of those having been rescued from the sinking Mi Amigo in March 1980), Chris Kennedy (a Radio Caroline mainstay on the Ross Revenge during the 1980s), Dave Foster (Caroline from the Ross Revenge and via satellite and Internet) who were supported by Mandy Morton and Andy Brooks. Besides station manager Sietse Brouwer there were radio technicians Walter Galle from Belgium and Alan Beech from the UK. Twice a day, the tender boat Ome Cor went out from Harlingen enabling radio enthusiasts to visit the watery wireless vessel.
  8. Bert Bennett (Radio Mi Amigo) im Interview mit Martin van der Ven Radiotag in Erkrath - 19. September 2011
  9. Radio Caroline Supporters Day on the Veronica ship Norderney in Leeuwarden On 19th August 2000, more than 250 Radio Caroline supporters attended the Dutch convention on the former Radio Veronica ship Norderney making the day a major success. On their way to the Norderney nearly everyone had been listening to Radio Caroline's (one day only) high power medium wave signal on 1296 kHz which was booming in loud and clearly. The Supporters Day was perfectly organised by Sietse Brouwer, Herry Kuipers and Adrian Hondema. In a press conference Caroline station manager Peter Moore, Sietse Brower and Adrian Hondema revealed different plans concerning Radio Caroline´s future. On that very day Radio Caroline's Internet broadcasts (24 hours 7 days a week) were officially launched. See Sietse Brouwer, Adrian Hondema, Peter Moore, David Foster, Barry James, Riga Steve, Christian Bergmann, Peter Och, Hans Knot, Martin Raumer (commander of the raid in 1989!) and many more.
  10. Euroradio Calais 1999 with Brian Anderson and Norman Barrington During Euroradio 1999 in Calais (France) on 3rd July 1999, Norman Barrington and Brian Anderson (Radio Mi Amigo International and Radio Caroline) relived their time on board the radioship MV Mi Amigo in 1973/74. Both were interviewed by Chris Edwards. Their conversation was translated by Boudewijn Dom. Martin van der Ven took some video footage. Re-digitised version with thanks to Ben Meijering.
  11. Graham Gill about Radio 390 Interview by Martin van der Ven - Radiotag in Erkrath - 9th Sept 2006. Re-digitised version with thanks to Ben Meijering.
  12. Klopt, alweer 35 jaar geleden... Het blijven mooie herinneringen.
  13. Tommy Rivers, Charlie Wolf and John Catlett (Laser 558) Euroradio in Calais - 1st July 2000 - Interview by Robert Magniez. Re-digitised version with thanks to Ben Meijering.
  14. Visiting the MV Communicator (Holland FM) on 27th May 1995 See Nico Volker, Jan Sundermann, Markus Weidner
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