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  1. This is a real shock - when you think of Caroline 1979, Monique 1984 - 1987 or 558 in 1988, the first person you think of is Ad Roberts. RIP Ad. Regards Michael
  2. Very sad news - another mainstay of RNI 1973 gone. Regards Michael
  3. I think this must be 25061973 rather than 25071973 - Radio Caroline was off the air on 389 before the end of June 1973. Regards Michael
  4. A sad start to 2018. Peter Van Dam must be one of the DJs that I have listened to most over the years - Radio Caroline and Atlantis in 1973, Mi Amigo from 1974 to 1977, then on the TROS and KRO until the mid-1980s and then on Radio 10 Gold in the mid-90s. Always produced enjoyable programmes and now gone far too young. RIP Peter. Michael
  5. Sad news. "Summer train" was one of the best records of 1972, much played on RNI where it made number 2 on the International Prediction Hit 40, as well as the top 10 of the Super Hit 50. Regards Michael
  6. Very sad to hear that another former RNI DJ has died. I always thought that Gerard Smit was under appreciated at RNI. When the station closed in August 1974, only Ferry Maat, Leo van der Goot, Tony Berk and, if we ignore the 10 days in October/November 1972 when the International service was temporarily discontinued, Brian McKenzie had longer periods of continuous service, yet Gerard had periods when he only presented news, not regular programmes. His morning programmes in 1973 (alternating with Marc van Amstel) and Buitengaats in 1974 (alternating with Erik Post) were amongst the best on RNI in my view. Regards Michael
  7. Very sad. I remember listening to Tom early on Saturday mornings in 1978. I think he always started his programmes with "Hello Nederland ik hou van je". Far too young. Regards Michael
  8. One of only two DJs to broadcast on RNI in each of the years 1970 to 1974 (the other was Robb Eden), Mike Ross was a very important man on the station. As well as being a DJ, he was also an engineer, which enabled him to survive in February 1972 when Paul May, then programme director, decided that Mike, along with Dave Rogers, no longer had a place as DJs on RNI. Of course, after Paul had left RNI, Mike made a comeback as a full DJ and stayed, apart from the 10 days in October/November 1972 when RNI temporarily discontinued its English programmes, until early 1974. Very sad to hear that another RNI DJ has gone. Regards Michael
  9. The date of this is interesting - Rob was broadcasting from the Mi Amigo on 20 April 1979. I suppose Radio Unique programmes were taped in advance and this was recorded before Caroline restarted on 15 April 1979. Regards Michael
  10. Thanks from me too, Peter. Always good programmes from Extra Gold. Long may they continue. Happy New Year Michael
  11. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery, Jan-Fre. Regards Michael
  12. These were almost the last programmes by Peter Holland and Nico Steenbergen on RNI. Nico's last programme was the following day, Friday 2 November 1973 and Peter presented Berk in Uitvoering on Friday 2 November 1973 and then a programme on the morning of Saturday 3 November 1973 before he too left. So these are very welcome programmes, thanks Vincent. Regards Michael
  13. Thanks for this series of RNI programmes, Vincent. A lot of good listening hours. Regards Michael
  14. Thanks, Peter, for these programmes in 2015. Always a highlight of the radio week. Regards Michael
  15. mike-d


    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 to all forum members. Thanks, Vincent and your fellow forum controllers, for all of your hard work in 2015. Regards Michael
  16. I noticed the 13041970 as well Jean-Pierre, but I don't know where that comes from. Alan plays "Green Manalishi" by Fleetwood Mac (at no 16 in the Top 30 that week), which was not released until mid-May 1970, so the 13041970 is misleading. it's definitely 10 July 1970. Right at the end, Alan mentions a new DJ, who he calls David Jackson, but who was David Gregory, who was just arriving on the Mebo 2 for the first time that day. Regards Michael
  17. This is Arnold Layne on the Hitback show from 20.30 to 21.00 on 17 September 1972. Hans - I think the previous one, Alan West, is from 10 July 1970, not 30 July 1970. The clue is that Alan says that Spangles Muldoon will be coming out to the Mebo 2 and that is the day that he joined RNI. Also, the jamming had stopped by 30 July 1970. Thanks for these RNI programmes, Vincent. Interesting to work out when they were broadcast. Regards Michael
  18. This is Mark Wesley from about 15.50 to 16.21, but not from 13 May 1970. Mark says that it is Sunday and they are testing on 244m, so I think it must be 17 May 1970. Regards Michael
  19. This is the same as one that you posted about a month ago, Vincent, although now split into two files. First Mike Ross from 13.21 to 13.48 from somewhere around 14 to 16 September 1970, then the second file continues this programme from 13.48 to 14.08, followed by Steven Ladd from 11.37 to 12.00 from the period 7 to 12 September 1970, but exact day not clear from the programme. Regards Michael
  20. The first one is Alan West from 19.25 to 19.37. The second one has Alan West from 19.39 to 20.00, news read by Stevi Merike, then Crispian St John from 20.00 to 20.16 and from 20.43 to 21.14, including news at 21.00 read by Dave Rogers. Both from 4 June 1971 Regards Michael
  21. Andy Archer from about 16.45 to 18.00 followed by John Denny from 18.00 to 18.10 on 27 July 1970. Regards Michael
  22. Thanks, Vincent. The first one is Alan West from 19.00 to 20.00 on 5 July 1970, followed by a couple of minutes from the start of the Axel show at 20.00. The second and third ones are Michael Lindsay from 15.00 to about 16.10 on 5 July 1970 (about half an hour each), from immediately after the Top 50 with Alan West posted a couple of weeks ago. All recorded from 244m with jamming. Regards Michael
  23. This is Arnold Layne on the Hitback Show from 20.02 to 20.33 on 17 September 1972. Regards Michael
  24. Thanks, Vincent. This is not from 22 June 1970, but from just over a month later. It starts with Alan West, fragments between 18.05 and 19.30 from Friday 24 July 1970, followed by John Denny from the same evening between 23.15 and 23.39 and then airchecked up to midnight. This may have been John's first programme on RNI. Then there is David Gregory, airchecked from 00.04 to 00.10 on Saturday 25 July 1970, followed by Andy Archer, also airchecked, from 8.38 to 9.00 on the same day. Then news read by Alan West at 9.00 and then the start of the Alan West show until about 9.08, also 25 July 1970. Regards Michael
  25. Thanks, Vincent. The first one is Michael Lindsay from 18.00 to 19.00, the second is Michael Lindsay from 19.00 to 19.34 and the third Michael Lindsay from 20.00 to 21.00 and Spangles Muldoon from 21.00 to 21.10, all from 19 July 1970, recorded from 244m, with jamming. Within a week the Mebo 2 would move from the English coast back to the Dutch coast and the jamming would stop. Regards Michael
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