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  1. Sendspace as well as zippyshare mediafire ( direct links are safe the advertising version not) has a lot of malicious ware. I do not download from these sites anymore.
  2. Send you private message. Thanks for these nice shows.
  3. Send you private message for missing files.
  4. In German also availaible as podcast: radioWissenRadio Caroline und der Rock 'n' Roll morgen, 02.10.2018 09:05 bis 10:00 Uhr Radio Bayern2 https://www.br.de/radio/bayern2/programmkalender/ausstrahlung-1526062.html
  5. Duitse docu via NDR Info Mediathek https://www.ndr.de/info/From-somewhere-in-the-mediterranean-Abie-Nathan,audio393024.html Thanks for this great board.
  6. frfreak


    I make a difference between advertisements and virus sites. I support normal advertisements to pay for the service. But I do not support these maleware sites from zippyshare to harm your computer. These are not normal advertisement and they are very agressive.
  7. frfreak


    Thanks for the advice. Popup Blocker Pro works perfect.
  8. frfreak


    I use adblocker plus and chrome. Since yesterday malicious tabs are not blocked anymore. I am against adblockers but with this maleware sites opening zippyshare is not usable.
  9. frfreak


    Thanks for the tip. Now use adblocker plus for google chrome. It is as easy as before no virus sites anymore.
  10. frfreak


    Zippyshare works not good anymore for me. Every download new tab with virus extensions plugins to install from dubious sites. I do not want to use it anymore. My favourite browser is Google Chrome. Any advice on a good open tab blocker or ad-blocker would be welcome at the moment I do not use anything. Thanks for all the shares of nice offshore radio memories and pirate radio memories. Great forum. achim
  11. Works perfect with Edge. Thanks for the upload.
  12. How do you download the files ? Chrome seems to have a limit of 3.2 GB.
  13. Worke here perfect with Windows 10 Home and Chrome Browser. I still use the old address iradiocafe.nl which redirects.
  14. My archive list: http://www.achimbrueckner.de/freeradio/archive/search/ type in Neil Gates
  15. Radio Play RBB Kulturradio Sunday 27th of March 2016 1405 CEST http://www.kulturradio.de/programm/sendungen/160327/hoerspiel_1404.html
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