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  1. Nice. Also the same date Caroline came back on air.
  2. I really enjoy these recordings from 1977, very eclectic programming that sounds fresh even today! Thanks for posting!
  3. Here is an example of how Radio Caroline was received in Scandinavia in May 1978. I've made this recording in Stockholm using a Trio 9R59-S receiver and and a home built loop antenna. As you can hear the signal was very strong at the time. Caroline was often even stronger than Finland on the same frequency. Radio_Caroline_780521_0020-0120_Mike_Stevens_rec_in_Stockholm https://pixeldra.in/u/9N3dwS
  4. Thanks, unfortunately is there a "File not found" message on the link
  5. Really looking forward to listening to these "new" programmes. Really nice with so long recordings from the same day..Thanks for sharing!
  6. Very fine recordings, thanks for posting
  7. Thanks! There are not that many recordings from 75 available for some reason so this is very welcome
  8. Thanks! It's really wondderful when these long continous recordings is shared. They get a great feeling about how the station sounded though out the day.
  9. Sounds like Roger Matthews handing over to Stuart Russel
  10. Nice programme and excellent quality of the recording. Thanks!
  11. "The last DJ", thanks
  12. Thanks Vincent, very good quality on the MusicRadioFan recordings!
  13. Only three days left for the MiAmigo this day...
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