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  1. @Radioman99: Schau mal hier: http://thesoulshowarchives.blogspot.de/2010/01/ferry-maats-soulshow-31-december-1981.html Viele Grüße von spezi
  2. Oplossing! lichtsnelheid / golflengte = frequentie 300 000 Km/sec / 49,26 m = 6090 KHz => 6020 KHz is een typfout ! Groetjes uit Duitsland Jürgen
  3. Hallo Vincent, This Nationale Hitparade was broadcasted on Sunday, April 22nd 1979 and is valid for the next Saturday (28/04/1979). NOS was ahead of the times (like the BBC Radio1 Top40 nowadays). I heard the Chart show at that time here in Hannover (Germany) on 675 KHz with much fading and interference from France Inter (Marseille) on the same frequency. I remember my youth. Thank You! Greetings Jürgen aus Deutschland
  4. Hallo Vincent, just one fault in de jaarlijst 1986: 009 Madonna - Papa Don't Preach Thanks from Spezi
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