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  1. Unfortunately I don't have any scans for this American Top 100 from 1958. Sorry for that. 🙁
  2. Here are the final hours of the Top 100. Unfortunately only samples. 🙁 TROS-H1-19810411-0400-0611-AdRoland-Top100van1961 (samples)
  3. Just saw that No. 34...36 are missing. I made a new black/white scan now. Sorry for that. NederlandseTop100van1961.pdf
  4. And here are the original scans I get from the TROS in 1981 and 1982. I listened to most of the shows at that time on the strong mediumwave 1008 kHz (600 kW) here in Germany. Nederlandse_Top100_1962.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1963.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1964.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1965.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1966.pdf And here comes the rest. Nederlandse_Top100_1967.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1968.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1969.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1970.pdf Nederlandse_Top100_1971.pdf
  5. Hello Skyseth, take this. Nederlandse_Top100_1961.pdf
  6. @Radioman99: Schau mal hier: http://thesoulshowarchives.blogspot.de/2010/01/ferry-maats-soulshow-31-december-1981.html Viele Grüße von spezi
  7. Oplossing! lichtsnelheid / golflengte = frequentie 300 000 Km/sec / 49,26 m = 6090 KHz => 6020 KHz is een typfout ! Groetjes uit Duitsland Jürgen
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