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  1. Hi Eric, They were off the air on 4th April due to generator failure. I will listen and try and get the date. Thanks for the recording Ian
  2. Great recordings. Many thanks
  3. Thanks for these. I remember Radio Valentine very well every 1st Sunday of the month on the 48 metreband. I still have my QSL card somewhere. They were finally raided in December 1976 and made their final broadcast in January 1977. Later the team formed Radio Fortuna on FM in Italy for German speaking tourists.
  4. Thanks as always Jan-Fre
  5. Hi Eric, Thank you so much for these. They fill some gaps in my collection. Regards Ian
  6. Friends, can anyone please share the following Mi Amigo recordings that I think were on this site, but I cant find them now; 11/03/1974 1900-2000 Brian Anderson 24/04/1074 1900-2000 Norman Barrington 29/04 1974 1200-1400 Frans Van Der Drift 29/04/1974 1400-1600 Joop Verhoof 29/04/1974 1600-1800 Mike Morrkens 08/07/1974 0800-0900 Bert Bennett 13/07/1974 1200-1300 Mike Moorkwns 13/07/1974 1300-1400 Peter & Patrick Many thanks Ian
  7. Thanks for all these Vincent. There are more great Radio Sweden memories here; http://dxarchive.com/sw_international_broadcasters_sweden.html
  8. I was reading an old Pirate Radio News from 45 years ago and it says; 23rd April "Today no Flemish service for Radio Atlantis, the tapes were not on the ship., but difficulties with the tape decks were the case that there was an all day international service." So the date must be April 23rd. A unique recording so again thanks Eric.
  9. Thanks Eric. I assume you lived near the coast to get such a good signal???
  10. Also from 1st June Extract of Debbie England and Dave Owen between 1913-2100 (15mins) http://www.mediafire.com/file/nsed4garjbhj55a/01061974_1913-2100_DebbieEngland_DaveOwen.mp3/file and on the same day Eddie Austin from 2300-2350 http://www.mediafire.com/file/lwo91s08ji4knoe/01061974_2300-2350_EddieAustin.mp3/file
  11. Here is a short recording of Steve England in a storm before going off air. This was the night of 6th June 1974 when the anchor broke and the ship drifted. (8mins) http://www.mediafire.com/file/faalsad95sv28ic/06061974_0000-0000_SteveEnglandInStorm%288mins%29.mp3/file And from the 9th of June, Dave Rogers talks about the last days drifting. (21mins) http://www.mediafire.com/file/4rz4kc2ugnx57qw/09061974_1800-2017_DaveRogers%2821mins%29.mp3/file
  12. Here are a couple more that I don't think have been posted Andy Anderson on 9th May 1974 from 2100-2200 http://www.mediafire.com/file/6ws7y9c5sg630as/09051974_2100-2200_AndyAnderson.mp3/file John Harding on 16th May 1974 from 2100-2157 http://www.mediafire.com/file/rk09n0u6ayycw5w/16051974_2100-2157_JohnHarding.mp3/file Two recordings of the Flemish service On 12th May 1974 Victor Van Rijn Flashback Show from 1600-1700, then Ellie Prins 1700-1730 http://www.mediafire.com/file/7qte51sgtz8yf2l/12051974_1600-1700_VictorVanRijnFlashbackshow_1700-1730_ElliePrins.mp3/file On 20th May 1974, Theo van der Velde from 1300-1345 http://www.mediafire.com/file/f0p03ecjvk4tbca/20051974_1300-1345_TheoVanDerVelde.mp3/file
  13. John Harding from 29081974 from 1800-1827 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymqkj7a6wdmbpsn/12_-_29081974_1804-1827_JohnHarding.mp3/file
  14. Deze zit niet in archief, tenzij hij een verkeerde datum heeft meegekregen. We zullen het zien, alles wat er in het archief zit komt hier voorbij. De volgende serie. We zijn aangekomen in mei 74. Deze zijn zonder datum: Atlantis-19740500-1800-1845-DaveRogers-BlastOff dit is het Rebound programma op een zaterdag, in mei kan dit 4 - 11 -18 -25 mei zijn. Programma 1804-1848 This is 18th May 1974 as on the news it mentions the Australian General Election which was on that date.
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