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  1. Thanks Gerard. Does Peter mention the date? I did hear him make a comment suggesting he had been on the ship too long, so assume its more likely to be 22nd March rather than the 1st. (He joined the Mi Amigo at the very end of February) Ian
  2. I think the recording is labelled wrong. I have this in my collection as Peter Van Dam on 1st March 1975 between 0900-1000.
  3. Spot on. It’s JJ alright.
  4. Just listening to this recording now and its interesting to note at 19:36 you can hear a call from the Norwegian Rogaland Radio. Remember in 1970 they broadcast a loop on 6210.4 kHz in 1971 trying to remove unlicensed broadcasts from the frequency. The recordings of Radio Antwerpen on this programme are really good.
  5. I hope you are right Harm. It has only taken 49 years!
  6. Hallo Bert, Ik heb het net nog eens beluisterd en dit fragment is eigenlijk onderdeel van de opname van Victor Van Rijn uit 24031974. Hartelijk groeten Ian (Google translate! - Ik zou echt meer Nederlands moeten leren schrijven. Ik luister al sinds 1973 naar de Nederlandse radio!)
  7. Great to have this Atlantis stuff. Thanks Vincent Ian
  8. I posted the wrong link John. Thanks for pointing it out. MiAmigo-19740500-2000-2035-NormanBarrington-InternationalService
  9. This is from Saturday March 2nd 1974. Norman thanks Peter Pan for the preceding programme. Peter only presented from March 1st to 5th according to Monitor magazine. Norman says its a Saturday so March 2nd. Thanks Vincent. Ian
  10. Hier vindt je de lijst met medewerkers met de juiste schrijfwijze: https://radiopedia.nl/wiki/Radio_Noordzee_Internationaal_medewerkers Caroline-19730600-0735-0750-SteveEngland 23rd June 1973 Thanks Vincent Ian
  11. This is earlier than June. Will be January/February/March 1973. Ronnie Dolman closed the Dutch service at 6pm and then hands over to Steve. Good quality. A pity its not a longer recording.
  12. Hi Vincent, I think his one might be from April 1974 (check at 58 seconds), but not sure. The timing probably is extracts between 0915-1015 GMT. 14th May 1973 Great to get these recordings Thanks Vincent Ian
  13. Hi Ben, Thank you for all your work over the years in providing the Top 50's for us. Yes, the layout is better now, but to be honest I didn't mind having to scan through to find the year I was after. Now I don't have to is a bonus!😀 Regards Ian
  14. I think the Nico Steenbergen recording is a continuation of the 26th March 1972 recording that you posted. The NSgDX programme might be from January/February 1973 as AJ mentions the IBA tests jamming Veronica on 557 kHz. These tests started early January '73. Thanks for more interesting recordings Vincent.
  15. This is Johnny Jason opening up Caroline for the evening. I suspect 19th October 1974. Definitely after the Dutch MoA.
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