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  1. scotty

    RNI - 10-03-1974 - 0900-1000 - AJ Beirens - World Service

    Great recording and one that |I didn't have in the collection. The speed seems fast. Can anyone fix it???
  2. scotty

    Laser 558 - 02-11-1985 - 1400-1500 - Jeff Davis

    Thanks for the recording. Jeff Davis was my favourite Laser jock.
  3. scotty

    Robb Eden on Radio Kaleidoscope 1975

    I have updated the file. Should be ok now.
  4. scotty

    Mi Amigo help!

  5. scotty

    Station 385 30-09-1973

    Some 45 years ago the first Radio Mi Amigo programme appeared on 1187 khz using the name Station 385. Plenty of Suzy Wafels, Joepie and records from the Gnome publishing house all owned by Sylvian Tack. The dj was Bart Van De Laar. http://www.mediafire.com/file/m4o98pgjb2tond8/30091973_1900-2000_BartVanDeLar.mp3/file
  6. Robb Eden recorded a Dutch music special for Radio Kaleidoscope, the top London landbased pirate of its time. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t4303yhcvacdbc1/19750000_1300-1400_RobbEdenDutchMusicSpecial.mp3/file
  7. scotty

    Mi Amigo help!

    All, Could I once again ask for some assistance with some files; MiAmigo-19770117-1300-1400-MarcJacobs-Baken16 MiAmigo-19770117-1700-1800-HugoMeulenhof-EersteKeerHugo MiAmigo-19770123 1300-1600 MarcJacobsNedTop40 MiAmigo-19770123-1600-1700-Onbekend-VVVR-OverABCEurope MiAmigo-19770123-1700-1800-HugoMeulenhof-BelgischeTop15 MiAmigo-19770206-1200-1300-RonVdPlasNedTop10 I would really appreciate your help in recovering these. Thanks Ian
  8. scotty

    Tim Ridder first programme 18-01-1976 0600-0700

    Thanks Jan-Fre. Don't forget to let me know if you need anything from my lists.
  9. Folks, I know this recording was posted sometime ago. Could I please ask that someone posts it again. Many thanks Ian
  10. scotty

    Mi Amigo - 19750314 - Peter van Dam - Live

    Thanks for all the great recordings from Peter Van Dam live from the Mi Amigo
  11. scotty

    Radio Atlantis vanaf gunfleet?

    Atlantis never made it on the air from Gunfleet Lighthouse. It was impossible as no aerial has been erected prior to the station being raided on December 19th 1974. Some programmes had been recorded in Belgium and I remember hearing a part of one on a VVVR programme.
  12. scotty

    Robin Banks RIP

    It was very sad to hear of the death of Robin (Adcroft) Banks today. He was one of my favourite voices on RNI. Here he is presenting one of his first programmes on 27th August 1973. http://www.mediafire.com/file/46u5zsv8c8asc7o/27081973_2038-2100_RobinBanks.mp3/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/n6y2gaia46p2bl6/27081973_2100-2103_RobinBanks.mp3/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/88m0byu80b2fy93/27081973_2129-2138_RobinBanks.mp3/file
  13. scotty


    The discjockey is Axel and I have the date of 8th June 1970 in my archive for this recording.
  14. scotty

    RNI FM 100mHz .28 07 1973 19.50-20.25_uur

    Who is presenting Driemaster until 2000 and then definitely Mike Ross. Great recording. Thanks
  15. scotty

    Radio Atlantis 312 Mei 1974 Luc van Kapellen 08.00-09.00

    Yes, I believe 27th May to be correct.

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