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  1. Tonight I positively identified Radio Eldorado on 1476 khz at 7.30 Uk time. Fairly good signal. I believe this was the same as I heard on Monday as listed above. Does anyone have an e mail address for this station? Thanks Ian
  2. I couldn't get you on 1287, as Radio o511 was too dominant. Maybe next time.
  3. I was in Filey on the North Yorkshire Coast today and heard the following between 1530-1630 UK time; 747 khz Radio 0511//1287 khz. weak and mixing with another station 801 khz I think Radio Jong Europe as I have heard it before 918 khz Radio Monique, plenty of ID's. Fair signal 1287 khz Radio 0511, better than 747, weak but listenable 1395 khz Radio Seabreeze, weak 1467 khz UNID I don't think it was Paradijs, but it was non stop oldies. Couldn't quite catch the ID. And ideas?? Weak but audible. 1602 khz Probably Radio Flandria I was using a small Grundif Yacht Boy 500 with no external aerial. Amazing they were all coming in, doing well for 100 watts!
  4. Thanks Ben. A new recording for me. Cheers Ian
  5. Of course Rob Scott was none other than Alan West.
  6. Hi Vincent, Thanks for the recording. The dj is Malcolm Barry.
  7. No I think you are referring to this guy and not Alan Simons. Clive Correll was an engineer with London's Capital Radio. He applied for a job in Saudi Arabia and, having been successful, gave in his notice at Capital. Unfortunately the Saudi work permit took a long time to come through, leaving Clive at a loose end. Caroline was short of a transmitter engineer so in September 1974 Clive went out to the ship to help out. He had previously worked for the BBC and diplomatic radio services so had plenty of transmitter experience. But he hadn't been a DJ before. Like most of the engineers who worked on the offshore stations of the seventies and eighties, Clive was called upon to fill a gap in the schedule. He presented his first show on Caroline on 16th September and presented the occasional programme after that, until he left the ship at the end of October. Alan Simons is correct.
  8. Hi Vincent, This recording is 1977. Dave Collins was not on the Peace Ship in 1973. Ian
  9. Got it! Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Dear All, I can't seem to download. Could somebody please upload on Pixeldrain or Mediafire? Thanks Ian
  11. Thanks John, that sounds about right.
  12. Separate short wave programming on a Monday evening in March 1972 from RNI 1958-2005 Leo Vd Goot 2005-2035 NSgDX with AJ (repeat of Sunday morning) 2035-2040 Leo VdGoot https://www.mediafire.com/file/hvop6pfu01qyydk/00031972+1958-2005+WorldService+2005-2035+NSgDX+2035-2040+WorldService.mp3/file
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