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  1. No Douwe, it was planned from the Magda Maria.
  2. Absolutely agree Leendert. Problem is that if you don't pay the professionals decent money (or any money!) they will not stay. Then you have the Cook's, Sailors etc. I am surprised Raffles did not do a programme! 😀
  3. Here is a short 6 minute air check of Bob Spencer on Radio Scotland from 24th July 1966 from 0800-0825. https://pixeldrain.com/u/bKtyCNGX I wonder does anyone have the time, facilities and the skills to add the music to make it a longer air check. It would be much appreciated. The songs he plays are Love Letters - Elvis Presley Have I stayed too long - Sonny & Cher Excuse me baby - The Magic Lanterns Wild Thing - Troggs Red Rubber Ball - The Cyrcles The final song I am not sure about! Thanks Ian
  4. I think that is Ron West, though not 100% sure, the schedule says Maarten De Jong, but is it??
  5. I think this is edited at the start of the recording. I have the same DX programme listed as 25th April 1971. It was the second one since the return of RNI, so I think the Don Allen bit has been added by someone at the start of the tape because as we know Don did not join RNI until November 1972. He was still at Manx Radio in 1971.
  6. A great example of a full day of programmes in the early life of Radio Monique. Thanks Vincent, Jan-Fre and Hans
  7. There are not that many recordings of the English service from March 1980. Here is what I have and if anyone can add to it that would be great! Tom Hardy 03031980 2000-2100 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=0 Tom Hardy 03031980 2100-2200 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=1 Mike Stevens Caroline Countdown 2200-2300 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=2 Mike Stevens Caroline Countdown 2300-2330 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=3 Tom Hardy 15031980 2000-2100 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=4 Stevie Gordon 0135-0200 Tom Anderson 0200-0235 16031980 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=5 Nick Richards 17031980 2059-2149 https://pixeldrain.com/l/cFiW6PXs#item=6
  8. Hi Bert, I have had this recording for many years and never listened to it to the end. I wonder was Dave Owen suffering from "Mal de mer" and had to put on a music tape???? It certainly seems to be a continuous recording so Dave disappears for a reason!
  9. A recording of Dave Rogers from 0000-0200 on 28th February 1971. http://www.mediafire.com/file/uvizky9itov5jnq/28021971_0000-0200_DaveRogers.mp3/file
  10. Here is the Tony Allan Breakfast Show from Sunday 21st February 1971 from 0600-0900. The recording came from Fred Bunzl. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nn430pzgduzkm6f/21021971_0600-0900_TonyAllan.mp3/file
  11. Thanks Eric, much appreciated. Ian
  12. Friends Could one of you please supply this recording of PvD running from 1800-1900 on January 31st 1975. My copy of this file seems to be corrupt and won't play properly. Many thanks Ian
  13. I assume this guy is making all this up??? I have never heard that name and there were no Mi Amigo dj's who served from 1/1/74 right through until the Magdalena. There have been many people in the UK over the years who have not quite told the truth about their involvement with offshore radio, e.g. Jim Richman, Mark Dean and more. They always get found out!!!😀 I believe this was Jerry Van Der Loo who broadcast for a week or so on the Dutch service in June 1973. He was live on the Mi Amigo.
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