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  1. Friends Could one of you please supply this recording of PvD running from 1800-1900 on January 31st 1975. My copy of this file seems to be corrupt and won't play properly. Many thanks Ian
  2. I assume this guy is making all this up??? I have never heard that name and there were no Mi Amigo dj's who served from 1/1/74 right through until the Magdalena. There have been many people in the UK over the years who have not quite told the truth about their involvement with offshore radio, e.g. Jim Richman, Mark Dean and more. They always get found out!!!😀 I believe this was Jerry Van Der Loo who broadcast for a week or so on the Dutch service in June 1973. He was live on the Mi Amigo.
  3. The above broadcast is from 15th October 1973. Old tapes were being played as the contract with Atlantis had finished and no new tapes had arrived on the ship. All the programmes were old including Bart Van Der Laar from 30th September 1973.
  4. Probably the best documentary produced about 242. There have been a few over the years by Radio Clyde and BBC Radio Scotland, which were good, but the Forth Radio Network was the first.
  5. Hi Louis I remember reading about a station called Radio Mercurius on 389 metres from Amsterdam in the mid to late 70's. I think it was also heard on the east coast of England. Can you tell me something about it??
  6. I can read a bit Leendert. I have been listening to Dutch radio since 1973.! However I also have Google translate! Some English speaking people wont make the effort to translate, then again I am Scottish!
  7. The book looks great. I am looking forward to my copy coming in the post!
  8. That's great, thanks Gerrit!
  9. Thanks Gerrit but I cant download the file.
  10. This recording of Marc Van Amstel on RNI runs too fast. Could somebody with the necessary software adjust to the correct speed. Many thanks Ian http://www.mediafire.com/file/mkq8hmeydls36rc/05091973_0803-0900_MarcVanAmstel.mp3/file
  11. Also from 16th July is 16 minutes of Tony Houston between 1300-1400 http://www.mediafire.com/file/vy0ui8yalb2hjxk/16071973_1300-1400_TonyHouston%2816mins%29.mp3/file
  12. Hi Jan Fre, this recording is from the 22nd September and taken from short wave, here is a longer version from 1367 khz. 22091970 1721-1755 Alan West http://www.mediafire.com/file/psygrx75nwyjhgu/22091970_1721-1755_AlanWest.mp3/file and from earlier in the day 22091970 0736-0802 Stephen Ladd http://www.mediafire.com/file/016745y9yjtz7jt/22091970_0736-0802_StephenLadd.mp3/file Also from 12th September 1322-1425 Spangles Muldoon http://www.mediafire.com/file/cugwok7q1vxmaj7/12091970_1322-1425_SpanglesMuldoon.mp3/file 1540-1613 Mark Wesley http://www.mediafire.com/file/sl3pxspi2wd24u8/12091970_1540-1613_MarkWesley.mp3/file 1615-1700 Mark Wesley http://www.mediafire.com/file/aoo0rpaewllanb7/12091970_1615-1700_MarkWesley.mp3/file 1700-1705 Mark Wesley http://www.mediafire.com/file/bbx0kkajefdkyq1/12091970_1705-1713_MarkWesley.mp3/file
  13. This was actually the second day of the World Service. It started on 22nd September.
  14. Was Radio Unique still a pirate in 1983????
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