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  1. a full version of this Shaun Tilley Show - 05 June 1991 on Radio Luxembourg International in more high quality : https://pixeldra.in/u/kqUvFmB8 https://pixeldra.in/u/U6x16G46
  2. Real date of this audio material is - Thursday , 16 October 1969 .
  3. Agree with Eric C, but did not have time to write before him ... The best respect to archief van André Blondeau / OEM
  4. Agree with Eric C, but did not have time to write before him ... :) The best respect to archief van André Blondeau / OEM
  5. Real closure of broadcasting on a wave of 208 meters (1440 khz) The peculiarity is, that after December 30, 1991, broadcasts of Radio Luxembourg continued through the "ASTRA" satellite and continued for one more year, until December 30, 1992. After this date, Radio Luxembourg - The Station of The Stars is silent forever ... http://www.mediafire.com/file/nvgzmzyit0j/013_Last_hours_on_208_m_part1.mp3/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/qonemgnjywy/014_Last_hours_on_208_m_part2.mp3/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/v7plcoo099849q9/015_Last_hours_on_208_m_part3.mp
  6. As I did not notice before, there is one mistake - this is the closure of the radio station on December 30, 1992, the last 40 minutes, when Radio Luxembourg went silent forever ...
  7. Hi Vincent , is it possible to re-download this audio material : Luxemburg-19760919-1800-1900-FransVanDerDrift-LuxemburgTop20 Very grateful :)
  8. what is it about ? audio materials ?
  9. Some clear audio materials from "Astra" satellite - full evening with RL : 19910522 pt1 Mike Hollis 1800 - 1900 19910522 pt2 Mike Hollis 1900 - 2000 19910522 pt3 Shaun Tilley 2000 - 2120 19910522 pt4 Shaun Tilley 2120 - 2230 19910522 pt5 Shaun Tilley, Peter Antony 2230 - 0000 19910523 pt6 Peter Antony 0000 - 0100 19910523 pt7 Peter Antony 0100 - 0200
  10. Saturday evening is coming ... RTL208 DJ' s ,but not on air from Radio Luxembourg 208 ... Exclusive audio materials from August 1977 - Leopard Club, Hotel Bristol, Oslo, Norway . Two Radio Luxembourg DJ' s Stuart Henry and Emperor Rosko at Discotheque : Stuart Henry - Leopard Club, Hotel Bristol, Oslo, Norway Emperor Rosko - Leopard Club, Hotel Bristol, Oslo, Norway
  11. Hi on Friday evening , Radio Luxembourg live forever, now present here some from 1976 : 19760925 Tony Prince and Ringo Starr RTL208 (60.43)
  12. One from 60's period in good quality , duration 90 min. 19680903 RTL208 Roger Day-studio tape
  13. Thank You , guys , what a nice evening on Tuesday - almost all the files have already been found ... Great work Paul, Hans and Vincent ... I've found a promo from Scandinavian Service in 1988 : 19880000 RL_Scandinavian_service promo (17.55)
  14. Thank you for your kindness Vincent & Tino, after the recent comparisons the list has shrunk, here is the latest version. These audio materials are on the wanted list. I hope that you will check your PCs one more again ... RadioLuxemburg-1970.01.00-46min-DiverseFragmenten RadioLuxemburg-1970.11.11-39min-Peepee&PaulBurnett RadioLuxemburg-1972.11.13-0040-0140-PaulBurnett&KidJensen RadioLuxemburg-1972.11.29-2214-2255-PaulBurnett Luxembourg-19690824-TonyPrince-60min-Edits.mp3 Luxembourg-19690826-TonyPrince-6min-Edits.mp3 Luxembourg-19691
  15. Thank you, dear Vincent, that you are giving time to download materials, by the way, my grandson, who is now 6 years old, is also Vincent Well, the list fell by 6 positions ..., but there are also many that are forgotten and missing ... Here is one more audio from my collection, which, I think, was not published here on Internet RadioCafe : RTL 208 DJ AltonAndrews 03051987 (42.56)
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