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  1. If you go to mixcloud and search under "AJBZ" you will find a number of airchecks of The Mighty 690.
  2. If possible, the countdown for 1 November 1976, 3 February 1980, and 10 April 1977. Thank you again!
  3. Could the countdown to the 25 November 1979 show please be reposted?
  4. Had hoped to get the first three hours recorded and posted. Unfortunately, the websdr on google chrome crashed, and I lost the recording. Did anyone else get the opening hours of the new station?
  5. Is there anyone who plans to record the new station on the first day?
  6. Is there a chance these airchecks can be reposted?
  7. Like many of you on this board, radio was one of my first windows to a world outside of my own town. I was about seven or eight when I learned how the AM band brought in signals from all over the country (and other countries) at night. The first time I heard "The Road Gang" on WWL I was on a road trip through Texas with my uncle and my dad. U.S. 281 from Mc Allen to Three Rivers, and Interstate 35 from San Marcos to Dallas makes for a long time in a car, especially when you're 10 years old. Hosts like Charlie Douglas and Dave Nemo took the edge off a long drive. It was a show that introduced a Top-40 person like me to Country music. One of the best attributes to radio is its ability to reach people at a personal level. Shows like "The Road Gang" are great examples of radio done right. Lasting over 30 years, this show had a long run on terrestrial radio. While Dave Nemo still hosts a show on satellite radio, it doesn't have the same feel as hearing a show like this on a 50 kW AM station. A few days ago I ran across a box of cassettes and found a recording I made of WWL and thought I'd digitize it and post it for anyone interested. Here is WWL, from 15 September 1998, encoded at 192/44.1 and available at this folder link: http://www.4shared.com/folder/CfHTDrxt/WWL_Road_Gang.html
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