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  1. Om half één die nacht de start (terugkeer) van Radio Caroline.
  2. Mooie spot, ingesproken door James Ross en Mark Lawrence.
  3. Niet dat ik weet, wel een aantal jaren ( 1982/1984) vanaf het Zwaanshals in Rotterdam.
  4. Op 6210 kHz en dat gaf weer gedoe met Noorwegen. https://books.google.nl/books?id=JXczDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT222&lpg=PT222&dq=rni+rogaland+6210+khz&source=bl&ots=s37F-NIV2s&sig=ACfU3U2vj2ct4H6SFsx7s1aViz58YGTnFQ&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiXtPDoz9niAhXLZlAKHWJiCioQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=rni rogaland 6210 khz&f=false
  5. "Een hijskarwei, Verhagen erbij" Het bedrijf was een adverteerder (barter ?) op Radio Atlantis Rotterdam.
  6. Vanuit een hijskraan? Mast(en) Radio Atlantis Rotterdam. https://www.medianostalgie.nl/radiopiraten/artikelen/Randstad_2.html
  7. 15 kenmerken waarom (o.a.) dit radiostation (toen) zo goed was. Kom daar nu maar eens om bij de huidige radiostations. 1 Production. From the drama of news to the promos to the wild tracks, production was an art form that created a theater of the mind that manufactured sonic magic. 2 The Bible of Music. From the printed playlist to the countdowns, station-generated chart positions defined what was popular in the city. 3 24/7 Personalities. There were shows, not shifts, and every daypart mattered. People still talk about Charlie Greer and Denison’s Men’s Clothier, on WABC at 3 a.m. 4 Eccentricity. From crazed night DJs to whacked promotions — parents were appalled while the new mainstream ate it up. 5 City Sound. Unlike the generic radio of today, these stations oozed the vibe of their city; they were soundtracks of the community. 6 Anticipation. There was always something coming up. 7 Swagger. A hard-to-define vibe that was all about confidence in everything they did. 8 Well-Oiled Machines. Even the personality-driven stations were well-oiled machines that held the basics in high regard. 9 Audience Respect. No bullshit. The stations delivered without needing to resort to tricks and promises. 10 Completeness. From news and sports to sneak previews of Beatles songs, the stations were complete, with no need to tune away. 11 Smarteners. The DJs turned you on to what was going on. The stations were hubs of local information. 12 Graphics. They had visual identities that mirrored the on-air delivery. 13 Technology. AM radio once sounded badass as resources were poured into signal integrity. 14New ideas. Every few years, “new ways” came into play. From Storz to Drake to Bennett, things evolved. It’s sad that radio is still executing a 40-year-old playbook these days. 15 Selling new records. Especially in the mid-’60s, the great stations would make a new Herman’s Hermit record sound like the Second Coming. https://radioink.com/2017/08/21/greatest-top-40-stations-time/
  8. Vanaf eind mei ook niet meer in Delft. https://www.circuitsonline.net/forum/view/message/2064655
  9. Overdag in 1973. Goed in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex en Kent. Wat minder in London en Sussex. Lang de kust meer naar het noorden toe, vaak nog heel redelijk. Hoe verder landinwaarts redelijk tot matig. Tijdens de donkere uren, kon het radiostation in bijna de gehele UK ontvangen worden, van slecht (fading) tot redelijk goed.
  10. Caroline (259/389) en Seagull (259) waren de afgelopen maanden (wel) in de lucht en met die periode in gedachten (juni, juli, augustus en september 1973) verklaar je de populariteit (nummer 2) in de poll. Op nummer 5 in de poll.
  11. Radiopoll 1973 (zomer) in het Engelse blad Record (and Radio) Mirror. Met RNI op nummer 1 :-) en BBC Radio One pas op nummer 4. Zie voorpagina en pagina 8. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Record-Mirror/70s/73/1973-09-29.pdf Of een mooiere scan hier. http://www.dxarchive.com/pdf/record_mirror_sept_1973.pdf "Record Mirror on 29th September 1973 published the results of a poll to determine the most popular radio station in Britain. Radio North Sea International (RNI )came first with 51% of the votes, Caroline second with 15%, Radio Veronica third with 9%, while BBC Radio One received only 5%." http://www.offshoreradiomuseum.co.uk/page899.html
  12. ‘Record Mirror’, issue dated 23rd May 1970. http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/rni3a.htm
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