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  1. Ja. Een zo'n (vertaal)foutje van een kranten artikel is niet zo erg. Maar stel, jij komt tijdens je vakantie in een ver buitenland op de Spoedeisende Hulp van een ziekenhuis terecht, na onwelwording of ongeluk, vertrouw jij dan een vertaalmachine voor de vertaling van je (misschien wel behoorlijk uitgebreide) medische voorgeschiedenis?
  2. Vrijwel uit de gratie geraakt hier op het forum, mede door de vele reclames en andere troep op die site, stopt er na bijna 17 jaar mee. ''After almost 17 years online, file-hosting veteran Zippyshare will shut down at the end of the month. Founded in 2006, Zippyshare was known for its free, no-nonsense, no-frills approach to storing files online. Having changed very little over the years, Zippyshare's operators say the platform is now a dinosaur that costs too much to run in a world where ad-blocking is widespread.'' https://torrentfreak.com/zippyshare-file-hosting-veteran-calls-it-quits-2006-2023-230320/ https://blog.zippyshare.com/?m=202303
  3. Nog jaren. Net zo als bijvoorbeeld voor de vertaalmachines. Van bijvoorbeeld de beeldgenerator Midjourney gaat de ontwikkeling heel snel en de resultaten zijn behoorlijk indrukwekkend.
  4. Dat soort dj shows (met veel interactie) dus juist niet.
  5. '' A RADIO disc jockey who set up community stations in Gwent was branded "pure evil" by police after admitting "horrific" internet child pornography offences yesterday. His computer contained words and images detailing sexual abuse, mutilation and torture of children. Former pirate and regional BBC DJ Alan Fossey, who set up Cwmbran's Crow FM and Blaenavon's WHAM! Radio and internet station Toradio, admitted a catalogue of offences. He pleaded guilty to two counts of publishing articles under the Obscene Publications Act, two charges of distributing indecent images of children and 23 counts of making indecent images of children. Prosecutor Caroline Rees told Newport crown court Fossey's 350,000 word writings posted on the internet were "very shocking in the extreme". The offences were committed between July 2003 and September this year and also amounted to 4,405 indecent images of children. Leighton Hughes, defending Fossey, aged 58, of Broad Street, Blaenavon, asked for sentence to be adjourned for the preparation of reports. He said Fossey "appreciates this is going to attract a substantial period of imprisonment".'' https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/4623505.radio-dj-branded-pure-evil/
  6. Er waren wel een paar (mislukte) pogingen. Radio LN ( Radio Ellen) : '' First amongst these was journalist John Thompson, who together with business associate Robert Collier (a wholesale newsagent) and Peter Duffy (another journalist and News Director of the planned station) formed a company - The Voice of Slough Ltd and planned to launch Radio LN, (or Radio Ellen after the name of the ship they were said to have purchased) A 70 ton former Admiralty vessel Ellen (previously known as Anti Cyclone)was said to have been purchased and fitted out at a secret location in Scotland (subsequently identified as Leith Harbour) with an on-air date for the station planned for 1st December 1961. The project's radio ship was to be anchored not far from the Nore lightship off the Essex coast near Southend and broadcasts were to be on 980kHz (306m) using an RCA transmitter with a power of between 1Kw and 5Kw. All programmes were to be pre-recorded in 'studios' (which had been built by electronics engineer, Roy Barrett) located in two wooden huts at the rear of a cottage in Aylesbury Keith Martin, an announcer who had worked with Paul Hollingdale and Doug Stanley at the short-lived Radio Veronica English service, CNBC (and who later went on to become involved with Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline,) together with DJ Roger Gomez (who later became involved with KING Radio and Radio 270 (using the name Roger Keene) recorded programmes for the proposed station in the Aylesbury studios. Some press reports also named Victor Vicary as the station’s studio engineer and Barry Beresford as an electronics specialist advising the station. Despite initial press publicity in October 1961 the proposed starting date of 1st December 1961 came and went with nothing being heard on the airwaves. The project reportedly foundered when record companies refused to allow the station to infringe copyright restrictions by tape recording discs for later broadcast.'' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GBOK (Great Britain OK) : '' Arnold Swanson, who had been technical adviser to the Voice of Slough project. After splitting from the Voice of Slough project Swanson announced in 1962 even more elaborate plans to launch a station - GBOK (Great Britain OK) from a former lightship, the Lady Dixon Announcer Ed Moreno (who was later to work for several offshore radio stations) spent four days a week for several months recording GBOK programmes at the Notley Abbey studios, which had been built by Roy Barrett (who had also previously been involved with the Voice of Slough project). Two ‘retired’ BBC engineers - John Gilman and A N Thomas were also said to be involved in advising on technical aspects of the project. Both these ‘retired’ ex-BBC engineers were later to become involved with preparation work for Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline. American Evangelist Ted Armstrong (whose programme The World Tomorrow - was heard on many later British offshore stations) reportedly bought airtime on GBOK and even publicised the station's forthcoming launch in some of his literature. First actual press reports of GBOK appeared in the Southend Standard on 15th February 1962, indicating that the station would be broadcasting music, features and advertising 24 hours a day from a former lightship anchored near The Nore, the same location as had been planned for the Voice of Slough's broadcasting vessel, starting on 28th February 1962. The station planned to broadcast on 773kHz (388m) using a 5Kw Marconi transmitter and hoped to reach a potential audience of 11 million listeners within a 150 mile radius covering the south east and Midlands. Places as far away as Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham and Bristol were planned to be within the station's primary coverage area and a "bonus French audience" across the English Channel was also offered for the benefit of advertisers. At the beginning of March 1962 the station encountered an unexpected problem, the Lady Dixon (which some press reports suggested had been renamed The Bucaneer) was moored at a wharf in a muddy Essex creek at Pitsea in the Thames Estuary. Sailing the vessel from this mooring depended on high spring tides reaching Pitsea and flooding the creek. Unfortunately for GBOK the first spring tide did not prove to be high enough to float the Lady Dixon, which became stuck on a mudbank. Attempts by two tugs to release the ship failed because only one end could be raised from what was fast becoming a mud cradle around the ex-lightship's wooden hull. It was decided therefore to wait for the next high tide on 6th March 1962 and the station's on-air date was postponed. It was not until 9th March 1962 that the Lady Dixon was successfully re floated and towed to Sheerness for final fitting out. National publicity for the proposed station appeared in an article in The Times on 10th March 1962 which reported that once machinery and transmitting equipment had been installed the vessel would be towed to her position in international waters and broadcasting would commence "within two weeks". The vessel did indeed arrive at Sheerness on 12th March 1962 for fitting out as a floating radio station, however, it is unclear whether this was ever achieved although there are reports of an unofficial test transmission having been made from the Lady Dixon whilst in port, resulting in a raid by Post Office officials who seized the station’s transmitter.'' Meer te lezen via de volgende links: http://www.offshoreradiomuseum.co.uk/page1217.html http://www.offshoreradiomuseum.co.uk/page1218.html
  7. Ik vond hem prima op zijn plaats, met geweldige plaatjes, jingles en gezellig geouwehoer, tijdens ''Sentimental Journey'' . Idem dito voor het programma ''Music Memories'' later op Radio 192.
  8. '' We’d had an Aphex Compellor, which is a rather fabulous AGC on the link at Strood, but a couple of weeks ago while we’d had some internet issues at Orfordness and Alan had switched to a lower rate public stream, I swapped in my analog TV Optimod. Initially it was actually a bit much. The audio lost its definition, so I switched out its limiter, but it still has AGC followed by a dual band compressor. This feeds a digital equaliser which also mono’s the audio. Peter Chicago had the great idea of rolling off the top end to give the link an easier time. I think i set it to roll off around 9k. If you haven’t done so, listen to 648 via Ixworth SDR. Listen on a nice Bluetooth speaker. You’ll be amazed how much top end there is. You might be aware that Alan installed an identical unit in studio 2 on the Ross which feeds the link on North weekends.'' (Rob Ashard)
  9. Maar wel pas tientallen jaren later, dus of je dat dan kunt gaan vergelijken?
  10. In Utrecht Mi Amigo/Caroline, maar vooral AFN/Soesterberg. Tijdens oefeningen in de omgeving van Paderborn/Bielefeld/Detmold begin van de avond Mi Amigo en later Caroline. '' Tien jaar later dan Juul, lichting 77-06. Isabellakazerne 's-Hertogenbosch en Hojelkazerne *** (Veldpost) Utrecht. Een tijd met (veel) ups maar ook de nodige downs, niet alleen in Nederland maar ook in (West) Duitsland. *** De soldatenvakbond VVDM was trouwens ook op de Hojelkazerne gevestigd.''
  11. Goed voor Radio Mi Amigo, zeker tot 16.00 uur op de zondag. :-) 06.00 Non stop muziek 07.00 Welkom in de wereld der wakkeren - Bert Bennett 08.00 Joop Verhoof show 10.00 Stan Haag Vandaag 12.00 Mi Amigo Top 50 - Peter van Dam 15.00 Nieuwe single releases/ dj hittips - Bert Bennett 16.00 Dominee Toornvliet 16.30 Franstalige Top 15 - Patrick Dubateau 18.00 Jukebox - Stan Haag 19.00 - 06.00 Radio Caroline
  12. Heb even verder gezocht. '' Andy Archer is hosting RNI's penultimate morning show of 1970. He plays a jingle produced by Mark Wesley (based on South American Getaway from the film Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid).'' https://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/audio/rnifmaa.mp3 (luister op 1 minuut en 30 seconden) https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/comment/59526173#Comment_59526173
  13. Spangles Muldoon? Of Mark Wesley? Een rollercoaster was het. :-)
  14. '' Werd gebruikt op RNI voor de productie van de filler "RNI music." Op het zelfde station werd het nummer ook toegepast tijdens de "Hou 'm in de lucht" actie en daarna nogmaals gebruikt voor de promospots van het "RNI Seven Club"-promotieteam, dat met een zestal Mini's en één Marina van British Leyland door Nederland trok. Later werd er van het nummer ook een tune voor Radio Mi Amigo gemaakt en tevens voor het programma "Baken 16". Het nummer werd ook gebruikt in een speciale voor Ferry Eden gemaakte versie. In 1978 werd in de zomer op Radio Caroline de programmering uitgebreid gepromoot met behulp van "South American Getaway" en wel onder het motto: "Take Caroline with you this holiday weekend." '' https://www.icce.rug.nl/~soundscapes/DATABASES/ZZD/ZZD_5B.shtml
  15. Nee, alles gewoon live, vier dj's die 6 uur per dag draaien. Of een week later, met maar drie dj's aan boord voor Caroline, zelfs nog een uurtje langer. Programma's op 5 september 1976 via de 192 en 259 mtr: 6.00 Mark Lawrence 10.00 Ed Foster 14.00 Tom Anderson 18.00 Ed Foster 21.00 Mark Lawrence 0.00 Tom Anderson 3.00 Non Stop Music
  16. Hele mooie opname, geweldig dat het beschikbaar is gemaakt door Ben en Helmut. :-) In het programma van Samantha kun je echt merken dat het gaat om de goede album muziek en dat het radiostation ( nu ook overdag) een bijzonder goed alternatief is voor Hilversum 3, Mi Amigo, BRT, Luxembourg en BBC Radio One in 1976. Programmering die dag: 6.00 Mark Lawrence 9.00 Ed Foster 12.00 Tom Anderson 15.00 Samantha Dubois 18.00 Ed Foster featuring: Emerson Lake & Palmer 21.00 Mark Lawrence featuring: Barclay James Harvest 0.00 Tom Anderson featuring: Deep Purple 3.00 Samantha Dubois
  17. Geen John Dwyer maar Crispian St John.
  18. Ah, wat zei ik... Gisteravond om 11 uur was hij nog goed, vanochtend 5 uur was het niet om aan te horen. Na bijna 3 weken weer terug op hoog vermogen.
  19. '' De vraag die in het experiment centraal staat: is Artificial Intelligence al zo slim dat het radio dj's kan vervangen?'' Het antwoord is ja. https://pixeldrain.com/u/adk2f9iU Maar ook nee. '' While ChatGPT has the ability to generate scripts and song recommendations, it is not capable of replacing the human element of a radio DJ. Commercial radio relies on the personality and charisma of its DJs to connect with listeners and create a unique listening experience. Additionally, ChatGPT is not able to improvise or interact with listeners in real-time the way a human DJ can. Additionally, commercial radio also rely (sic) on other human-centered elements such as live events, sponsorships, and live interviews. ChatGPT is not able to replicate this experience of live interaction with the audience and celebrities. ChatGPT could be used as a tool to assist in certain tasks, such as writing scripts and generating song recommendations, but it is not a substitute for the human aspect of commercial radio broadcasting.'' https://nuvoodoo.com/2023/01/23/chat-gpt-killed-the-radio-star/
  20. Drie uur lang Nozems-a-gogo op de woensdagmiddag, hoogtepunt van de week op Radio 3. '' Even voor de jongste kijkbuiskindertjes: vroeger had je niet elke dag de Coen & Sander Show op de radio. Niet omdat Coen noch Sander geboren waren, maar omdat je dus elke dag van de week andere “zendgemachtigden” met steeds andere programma’s op de radio had. Verwarrende tijd man! Gelukkig had je op woensdag een natuurlijk rustpunt in de week. Dan was het namelijk VPRO op de radio. Geen muziek uit de top 40, maar verse klanken van de nieuwste kutbandjes uit binnen- en buitenland. Fons Dellen was eerst met Bram van Splunteren (De Wilde Wereld) en later met Lotje IJzermans (Nozems-A-Gogo) het muzikaal kompas voor gezonde adolescenten die verder wilden luisteren dan hun oor lang was.'' https://kettingzaag.wordpress.com/tag/nozems-a-gogo/
  21. 31 maart 1971 Tony Allan breakfast show.
  22. En opgenomen in Duitsland. '' JOHN LUMSDEN Chief Engineer on Radio Scotland, John was also heard on air asking for reception reports and presenting a DX programme. He was later the chief engineer for Glasgow's Radio Clyde before moving to Florida where he ran an engineering company. DJ Ben Healy writes: “the engineers are unsung heroes as they were on call 24 hours a day and in many instances worked a lot of those 24 hours. John Lumsden was a very good engineer and played a very big part in keeping Radio Scotland on the air.'' https://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/engine3.htm
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