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  1. 5 uur geleden zei ruudam:

    Vraag m eens of hij van 828 of van 1224 de zender heeft omgestemd.


    828 lijkt mij.


     Friday 3rd December: Transmitter engineer Alan Beech reports: 


    "We woud like to point out that options for reliable high speed connectivity at our transmission site are somewhat limited, and we are currently using a 64kb/s feed to site, which can tend to limit quality.


    However, many of the reports also suggest that our audio quality is excellent, so it is very much both a personal taste and a function of the radio you are listening on. Hopefully we can make adjustments to this to everyone's satisfaction in due course.


    For those with an interest in such matters we are using the same DSPx processor we installed in 2017 and the new transmitter is a Harris DX25U, previously located near Rotterdam and used on 828Khz.


    We are running an authorised radiated power of 4kw from the omni-directional "reserve" antenna at Orfordness."


    Meer op de Caroline site: Please login or register to see this link.


    1 uur geleden zei radiofreak31:

    Dus deze foto's zijn niet zo recent.



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  2. 5 uur geleden zei Peter van Odekerke:

    Maar....ze waren op de goede weg toen in mei 66.


    Met veel dank aan Tom Lodge.


    "a big fifty kilowatt transmitter operating on a better frequency, renovated studios, a taller aerial mast, a larger generator and a new jingle package.


    It was time for Tom's team to go into action - and he had a revolutionary idea on how to take on the highly formatted sound of Radio London. The Caroline DJs were not going to have a format at all!


    They were specifically forbidden to prepare their shows in advance. Tom told them “You get all the records and albums that you might want to play on your show and place them around you at the console. There'll be a box for the Top 40, a box for the new releases, a box for our favourites and a third box for golden oldies, old hits ...


    You can only decide what to play when the one before is playing ... You've got to feel your show, not think about it. You've gotta be right in it. And then you'll always know what to play next. You have to really listen to your own show. None of this turning down the monitor and relaxing until the record ends. You have to be your show's own number one fan. This is about being one with the music.


    And above all having fun. And when you go ashore, do gigs, be involved with the music scene and bring those feelings back here and put this fun energy into your show.


    Radio Caroline South entered a golden era as Tom's new team embraced his spontaneous style of broadcasting. The new concept worked. Caroline South rapidly increased its audience but, unfortunately, Tom wasn't able to enjoy it for long."


    Meer op:  Please login or register to see this link.




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  3. 4 uur geleden zei Martin1968:

    Je had het ook gewoon even hier kunnen vragen. 😉


    En dan kunnen we je gelijk doorverwijzen. :-)


    "Joe Thomas - Plato's Retreat. Instrumentale backing voor de promo's voor de Caroline drive-in-show (Caroline Music Show) op de Nederlandse service in 1979/1980."


    Please login or register to see this link.


    Please login or register to see this link.

  4. Radio Caroline vandaag en de afgelopen weken.


    "Service Message: Thursday 25th Nov: There are currently works going on at our 648 AM transmitter site - there may be some interruptions"

    (Caroline site)


    "Alan Beech has been at Orford for the last week finishing off the work on the transmitter, there was some more components to replace, and alot of fabrication work inside the cabinet, because some of the new components are larger than the old ones.


    The transmitter was delivered to Orford 3 Weeks ago, via 7.5 Ton lorry.Although no time scale was given for switching on the transmitter on,it would seem that we only be days away now till this happens.Alan stated that he was sorry for the delay because of the fact there was a lot more work needed doing than first thought.


    I asked Alan about the null on the 350ft aerial, and he stated that the nulls would have to be dealt with next spring when there is more daylight,and better conditions.


    It was stated that the transmitter connected to the 350ft aerial would use less Electricity, than if it was connected to the 200Ft.


    The 3kw transmitter still in use at the moment will be connected to the 200Ft aerial when needed as a back up in emergency."

    ( Dank aan Mike Simmonds)

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  5. Was inderdaad al lang bekend en niet begin 1970 zoals in Het NOS artikel staat, maar al ergens in 1969 voor de release van Het Abbey Road album.



    "Men dacht dat George Harrison als eerste de band definitief verliet in 1968, maar dat vertrek was van korte duur. George werd overgehaald om weer terug te keren. Een gebeurtenis welke de band lang onder de pet hield. Een jaar later echter vertelde John Lennon terloops aan de mede bandleden dat hij in dat jaar uit de band wilde stappen.


    Men besloot over dat laatste besluit de maanden daarop volgend de mond te houden teneinde de release in september van dat jaar van het “Abbey Road” album niet in gevaar te brengen. In april 1970 doorbrak McCartney echter de stilte door het nieuws te lanceren dat er een einde was gekomen aan de fantastische carrière van de band."


    Please login or register to see this link.

  6. 5 uur geleden zei bert ree:

    In 1974 sprongen bv Peter Pan en Tony Allan ook al in bij gebrek aan tapes.

    Dat was begin september, maar de allereerste gesproken live uitzendingen overdag, waren er al in februari 1974, met alweer Tony Allan maar ook Andy Archer.

    Ook toen was er een tekort aan programma tapes

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  7. Op 6-10-2021 om 10:37 zei Peter van Odekerke:

    Zo klonk Lux  in 1973 . Het jaar waarin the UK locale commerciele radio introduceerde en steeds meer  Britse luisteraars de 208 verlieten ten favure van deze commercielen en niet te vergeten BBC Radio One en RNI de zeepiraat. 


    En toch had de Engelstalige Radio Luxembourg, nog 10 jaar lang de hoogste luistercijfers, tijdens de avond/nacht.

    (BBC Audience Research/Gallup)

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  8. 22 uur geleden zei ruudam:

    Ik zag op gegeven moment een Poolse film op TV, tijdens een romantische scene hoorde je luid en duidelijk Luxy op de achtergrond.... 


    Het station was (ook) enorm populair in Polen.


    "It’s hard to imagine a time when half of Europe was cut off from popular culture, and music-loving teenagers were starved of rock and pop. But that’s exactly how life was for youngsters growing up behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.


    The excitement of hearing the chatter of distant DJs and the exhilarating new musical sounds coming from the UK and America was even more keenly felt in the East, where the communists kept tight control.


    During this time, Radio Luxembourg ‘the fabulous Two-O-Eight’ filled the airwaves with energetic rock and pop music.


    While other stations such as Radio Free Europe and Voice of America were jammed by the communist authorities, Radio Luxembourg’s signal survived. Its mix of DJ chat, jingles and music may have been apolitical, causing no obvious threat, but its youthful exuberance did encourage an air of change. It was the sound of freedom."


    Over Polen: 


    "In Poland, for example, Radio Luxembourg played an important role in the youth culture of those living under communism.


    Conrad Bruch, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, was struck by this when he began working in Warsaw, the Polish capital: “ Radio Luxembourg was incredibly popular with young people in Poland during the late 1960s and the early 1970s. It was a real social phenomenon.


    Radio Luxembourg became an opening to the free world a bridge towards the alternative youth cultures of the West,” Bruch recalls."


    Meer over The Sound Of Freedom (Behind The Iron Curtain) vanaf pagina 28.


    Please login or register to see this link.





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  9. 2 minuten geleden zei hans knot:

    Herinner de verhalen van mijn overleden schoonvader die in Oost Duitsland als medewerker bij het leger in het geheim tot naar Luxemburg luisterde.


    Ja, wat een tijd, zeker in het leger moest je wat dat betreft oppassen, er werd in de DDR overigens ook veel geluisterd naar de Duitstalige uitzendingen van Radio Luxembourg.

    Maar in de andere Oostbloklanden werd er vooral geluisterd naar de Engelstalige uitzendingen.

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  10. 6 uur geleden zei Vincent:

    Een bijna complete avond/nacht van de Engelse service. Ik ben hier enorm blij mee!!!


    Ik ook, mooie middengolf opname, klinkt (klonk) erg fijn/ swingend, zeker op de juiste snelheid, ook sfeervol met onweer in Luxembourg zelf. :-)

    En niet alleen te beluisteren in West Europa, maar (had) ook achter het IJzeren Gordijn, veel luisteraars die er (toen) met veel plezier naar luisterden.

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  11. 8 uur geleden zei Wilco Verkerk:

    het was leuk om op de middengolf uit te zenden.


    Het was leuk om te luisteren, vooral de eerste (Radio President) periode met alleen het jaren 50/60/70 format.


    8 uur geleden zei Wilco Verkerk:

    Helaas zijn ook hier de euro’s duur geworden, dan moet je keuzes maken.


    Dat is gelijk weer zo'n drastische keuze.


    Er zijn toch andere opties, zoals bijvoorbeeld alleen overdag uitzenden?

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