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  1. "Dave Richards served on the Voice of Peace in 1979-80 at the age of just 17. Then in 1984 he joined Caroline becoming a regular on-air or behind the scenes until 1989. This is his story." "It's 1984 and Dave Richards has arrived on the Ross Revenge. He continues his story. Highs and lows, including the illegal raid by Dutch thugs when they removed most of the broadcast equipment and smashed the rest. "
  2. Part 6 was the same as Part 1 on the on demand page linked to. I used their contact form yesterday afternoon asking them to correct this. They replied this morning saying they would and now part 6 has been uploaded correctly.
  3. "A 60 minute pirate radio special with Programme Director Ron O'Quinn taking us back to 1966. The photos captured in the "Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio Photobook", by Ray Anderson provide the talking points for the inside story of one of the biggest "pirates"." Competition to win a copy at the end of the show.
  4. Bureau of Counterculture, Soho Radio, 02-08-2021 Music writer ROB CHAPMAN returns to the Bureau to tell the story of this first golden age of illicit broadcasting. We hear of the extraordinary life of pirate-in-chief Ronan O’Rahilly anarchist founder of Radio Caroline, of legendary broadcaster John Peel and his ground breaking show ‘The Perfumed Garden’, and of the oddities of life aboard the radio ships precariously sailing the airwaves. Available on several podcast sites. Stream and download right hand side menu here. https://uk-podcasts.co.uk/podcast/bureau-of-lost-culture/the-lost-world-of-pirate-radio-part-one
  5. In 1965 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia Radio Prague offered their listeners a free copy of a 45rpm record they’d produced. There were 5 versions issued with commentaries in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Information and images here, at the time of writing there are two copies of the French edition for sale from record dealers. https://www.discogs.com/artist/463619-Radio-Prague-2 I’ve digitised my copy of the English one I received. Side One has a recording of their interval signal at the time and the Communist Anthem Forward Left it is taken from. https://pixeldrain.com/u/MH9BN3xa Side Two The Road to Freedom has an account of the liberation of Czechoslovakia in early May 1945 and the role of Radio Prague during it with recordings of their broadcasts, including one in English, at the time. https://pixeldrain.com/u/fezkN8q4 Mike
  6. Jonathan Marks yesterday : I'm sharing an off-air recording of the Falklands Island Broadcasting Station during the Argentine invasion of April 2nd 1982. There are a few places where Patrick Watts, the station manager stops the tape. And in the end, it sounds to me as if the batteries are failing. Available for streaming or download at https://jonathanmarks.libsyn.com/media-network-off-air-collection-april-2-82
  7. Rob Chapman, @rcscribbler, on his Twitter feed March 18. "Offshore anoraks ahoy. This weekends MixCloud will be an absolute treat. 6 hrs SIX HOURS of Radio Caroline from Dec 66. Rosko DLT Tommy Vance and Johnnie Walker. Stupendous quality too. I spoil you." https://www.mixcloud.com/robchapman/six-hours-of-caroline-south-171266/
  8. Rob Chapman, author and music journalist, he wrote Selling the Sixties: Pop Music and Pirate Radio, has a new website, www dot rob-chapman dot com The Selling the Sixties page says "A significant part of the research was drawn from my considerable archive of offshore radio recordings, some of which I have recently started putting on Mixcloud."First upload was March 6 Radio Caroline South 23.12.66 Keefers Uprising and The Mike Ahern Show. 3 hours worth https://www.mixcloud.com/robchapman/christmas-caroline/
  9. Rob Chapman, author and music journalist, he wrote Selling the Sixties: Pop Music and Pirate Radio, has a new website. https://www.rob-chapman.com/ The Selling the Sixties page says "A significant part of the research was drawn from my considerable archive of offshore radio recordings, some of which I have recently started putting on Mixcloud."First upload was March 6 Radio Caroline South 23.12.66 Keefers Uprising and The Mike Ahern Show. 3 hours worth Apologies, Mixcloud wasn't embedding as it did last time I posted a link to a recording there. Dutch not being my language was trying to edit and have inadvertently posted twice. See next post please.
  10. Lawrie Hallett has recently uploaded a two part documentary he made in late 1983 When Pirates Waived The Rules to Mixcloud. Originally made for LBC, their lawyers got cold feet when they heard it so he then took it to BFBS who did broadcast it in Germany, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Gibraltar etc in early 1984. Both parts are 30 minutes long. Part One is on offshore radio up to 1983. Has original interviews with Tony Blackburn, John Peel, Ronan O'Rahilly in a European city with a barrel organ playing outside, Ross Revenge engineer/DJ Andy Howard and John Burch. https://www.mixcloud.com/terella/when-pirates-waived-the-rules-part-one Part Two on landbased pirates at the time has interviews with Steve Price and Dave Lane of Alice's Restaurant, John Scott of Phoenix Radio, someone from Horizon Radio and written answers to questions from DTI minister Alex Fletcher https://www.mixcloud.com/terella/when-pirates-waived-the-rules-part-two/
  11. Graham Cooke found his passion for radio aged just 7 when he heard Radio London. Listen how that youthful interest turned into career that got him into trouble helping Radio Jackie and eventually took him to the Voice of Peace of the coast of Israel Second hour of our live interview with Graham Cooke ("Peter Philips" on Caroline). He finally arrives on the Voice of Peace, then off to Radio Nova in Italy, a quick return to Radio Jackie, and then Caroline 558 from the Ross Revenge. After 1988 Graham goes "legit" - Invicta FM, Blue Danube Radio, Breeze AM, and finally BBC Radio Kent. Plus his latest project "Caroline Community Radio" in Maldon, Essex. https://www.mixcloud.com/robbie-owen/the-jukebox-drive-in-for-21st-march-2021-hr3-live-pirate-radio-special-with-graham-cooke-pt2/
  12. "Martin van der Ven has spent 25 years curating the wonderful website www.OffshoreRadio.DE and it's associated Flickr photographic archive (with more than 25,000 images!) He rarely gives interviews, so this is a unique opportunity to hear from "the quiet anorak". There's music by Earth & Fire, Bolland & Bolland, Raymond Lefevre, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Graham Gill (with Junior Walker) and Apollo 100, plus clips from Radio & TV Noordzee, Caroline, Veronica and RNI."
  13. 25 minute tape of the inaugural broadcast of the Voice of Peace when she anchored off Israel. Can be streamed or downloaded. "With sounds of the creaking ship, Abie Nathan talks about the struggles, challenges and problems to get the Voice of Peace on the air in an emotional broadcast." https://shortwavearchive.com/archive/the-voice-of-peace-radio-ship-inaugural-broadcast-with-abie-nathan-may-19-1973
  14. A second one hour live interview with Ron O'Quinn. Picks up from last time with Ron talking about the format clock posted to Facebook last time & why he decided to broadcast news at 15 minutes after the hour on SRE. Following that discussion on the original SRE/Britain Radio frequencies & why they were changed, the Britain Radio format, his career at WFUN Miami, KYA San Francisco and then settling his family in Georgia. Ends with his views on radio today, why he moved to Ecuador & his return to radio with Big L 1395.
  15. "Ron O'Quinn started in radio aged 16 and went on to present top-rated shows in Florida, Ohio, and California. He was also the Operations Director of Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio off the British coast in 1966. Hear how he got this job and others, how his Army discipline ensured he was always a complete professional, and the excitement of Dj'ing during the "British Invasion" There's mention of the SRE Song Wheel/Format Clock. Photo of it here, public Facebook post so should be able to be viewed without the need to have an account. https://www.facebook.com/JBDI.JukeboxDriveIn/photos/pcb.3955169144515367/3955161897849425/
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