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  1. Graham Cooke found his passion for radio aged just 7 when he heard Radio London. Listen how that youthful interest turned into career that got him into trouble helping Radio Jackie and eventually took him to the Voice of Peace of the coast of Israel Second hour of our live interview with Graham Cooke ("Peter Philips" on Caroline). He finally arrives on the Voice of Peace, then off to Radio Nova in Italy, a quick return to Radio Jackie, and then Caroline 558 from the Ross Revenge. After 1988 Graham goes "legit" - Invicta FM, Blue Danube Radio, Breeze AM, and
  2. "Martin van der Ven has spent 25 years curating the wonderful website www.OffshoreRadio.DE and it's associated Flickr photographic archive (with more than 25,000 images!) He rarely gives interviews, so this is a unique opportunity to hear from "the quiet anorak". There's music by Earth & Fire, Bolland & Bolland, Raymond Lefevre, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Graham Gill (with Junior Walker) and Apollo 100, plus clips from Radio & TV Noordzee, Caroline, Veronica and RNI."
  3. 25 minute tape of the inaugural broadcast of the Voice of Peace when she anchored off Israel. Can be streamed or downloaded. "With sounds of the creaking ship, Abie Nathan talks about the struggles, challenges and problems to get the Voice of Peace on the air in an emotional broadcast." https://shortwavearchive.com/archive/the-voice-of-peace-radio-ship-inaugural-broadcast-with-abie-nathan-may-19-1973
  4. A second one hour live interview with Ron O'Quinn. Picks up from last time with Ron talking about the format clock posted to Facebook last time & why he decided to broadcast news at 15 minutes after the hour on SRE. Following that discussion on the original SRE/Britain Radio frequencies & why they were changed, the Britain Radio format, his career at WFUN Miami, KYA San Francisco and then settling his family in Georgia. Ends with his views on radio today, why he moved to Ecuador & his return to radio with Big L 1395.
  5. "Ron O'Quinn started in radio aged 16 and went on to present top-rated shows in Florida, Ohio, and California. He was also the Operations Director of Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio off the British coast in 1966. Hear how he got this job and others, how his Army discipline ensured he was always a complete professional, and the excitement of Dj'ing during the "British Invasion" There's mention of the SRE Song Wheel/Format Clock. Photo of it here, public Facebook post so should be able to be viewed without the need to have an account. https://www.facebook.com/JBDI.JukeboxDriveIn
  6. Jonathan Marks has started a new series of Media Network on video. Episode 3 "focuses on the forgotten firsts connected with Dutch International broadcasting. I mixed a lot of footage I shot myself with other vintage footage from rescued archives from Radio Netherlands and YouTube. I hope it is a public contribution to a better understanding of what all of us involved in Dutch international broadcasting achieved over 85 years. In the Netherlands. There is a tendency by Dutch domestic media to always pick ancient footage from the 1960s when making documentaries or news items about
  7. https://shortwavearchive.com/archive/radio-netherlands-happy-station-christmas-broadcast-studio-recording-december-12-1956
  8. A fascinating 2 hour recorded as live interview broadcast on Robbie Owen's Juke Box Drive this Sunday with Grant Benson is now on Mixcloud. In the first hour Grant talks about his involvement with the Caroline Roadshow and landbased pirate radio which was followed by him joining the Voice of Peace when he was 18. The second hour continues with discussion of his time on Radio Nova International, set up mainly by ex RNI staff and broadcasting in English from Seborga, Italy, main audience being expats in the French Riviera. After that he talks about his
  9. "Broadcaster, bus driver, accounts clerk ... Mr. RAY CLARK tells us about his first musical awakenings, and his love for sixties music and pirate radio. Dean Martin, Beatles, Bill Stewart ... and the Skatalites all get a play! " "Ray Clark finally makes it on to Caroline, and starts a long career in radio: Invicta, Breeze, BBC Essex and finally ... back to Caroline! Look for his book: "The True Story or The Boat That Rocked"
  10. Live 2 hour interview with Paul Rusling on Corby Radio's Juke Box Drive In programme yesterday evening is now on Mixcloud. Paul talks about his early interest in engineering and offshore radio and his subsequent career as a DJ/broadcast consultant including his time with Caroline and Laser. Paul's also introduced in the first part of the show when he speaks about how he had to travel by rail to the studio as his car's catalytic converter had been stolen on Friday. Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2
  11. This two hour live interview with Radio Monique/Caroline DJ Colin Peters was recorded when Bob Noakes also visited the Magic Echo Studio Colin starts by chatting about his early life when he lived near two well known offshore radio pioneers, talks about what life was really like on the Ross Revenge, where he worked from 1986 to 1989, the tender rides out there and how the Radio Monique onshore studios were hidden in plain sight. Part 1 Part 2
  12. 2 hour live interview on Bob's radio career including his time on the Mi Amigo and Mebo 2. https://www.mixcloud.com/robbie-owen/
  13. "Our Jukebox Drive-In Pirate Special gets the inside story of the early days of Radio City 1964-65. Bob LeRoi joined them as a Dj in his mid-teens and talks about his remarkable adventure on the Shivering Sands fort." Bob also talks about his subsequent career including support for and broadcasts on Radio Caroline. "Our Pirate Radio Special continues with Stuart Vint, from the Voice of Peace, Caroline and Laser, joining Bob LeRoi and Robbie Owen. Stories and chat from the golden era of radio!"
  14. Nick Carter, Nick Bolland on Caroline, presented A Pirates Tale on Kennet Radio this morning. Richard Swainson of Atlanta/Caroline South and Radio London was to be a guest but was unable to appear due to a slight illness. Peter Moore was the guest in the second hour of the show talking at length about Radio Caroline from the 60's right through to the present day and selecting three of his favourite music tracks. The programme is now on Mixcloud, if you want to go straight to the second hour advance to 58 minutes, Peter's phone interview starts shortly afterwards.
  15. Jonathan Marks has found a new batch of Radio Netherlands Media Network shows. As of today 8 have been uploaded to the Vintage Vault for streaming or download. This includes a long feature from November 1982, Irish Radio from Pirate to Private and a 1996 feature The Jingle Collectors with studio guests Benno Rozen and Jelle Boonstra who went on to launch the jingleweb.nl website. These, and many more, available at https://jonathanmarks.libsyn.com/
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