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  1. Eerste = Luxemburg-19720219-11Min-Mike&ZakiShow Int Tweede= Luxemburg-19710903-18h40-19h40-Top25 N°15-01-P.Koelewijn +MarkWesleyShow Derde= Luxemburg-19710903-18h05-18h40-Top25- N°24-16-PeterKoelewijn Eric C.
  2. EAP This 60 minutes cassette contains over 160 LASER 558 Jingles, Commercials and Promos. Recorder directly from the master tapes and cartridges on board the ship. Top quality guaranteed Gr Eric C.
  3. Thank you Hans This countdown of sound is from one year later Saturday 21 May 1966 Rosko is following DLT at 1500 Gr Eric C.
  4. That should be nice Bert I have now a doubt on the recording at 25:12 with Bert Bennett's voice on (P) Andorra Radio Is it Pandora or Andorra ?
  5. Great, Thank you SW Pirates on sunday morning were my cup of tea between 1973 and 1976 And also with a piece of Pandora radio If these are your own recordings, you're an Super Expert Eric C.
  6. Nu met 15 Minuten meer https://www.mediafire.com/file/osrh6m1p30jmhus/VERO010.zip/file Eigen opgenomen in Frankrijk Eric C. https://www.mediafire.com/file/osrh6m1p30jmhus/VERO010.zip/file
  7. In fact, reception for me in France (Lille) was beter in 1976 than in 1980 I have furnished in the summer 2015 two recordings : H3-Veronica-19760625-19h00-20h00-NedTop40-Lex Harding TROS-H2-20Mars1976-16h00-18h00-NedTop40-Ferry Maat Listen to them and you'll hear that the quality is good. Gr, Eric @ Dave : I have Top40 from 07July 11August & 15September 1973 and will repost them in the good section
  8. Glad to please you and others! Logic that it never circulated here and there, as it's the first time I upload the recording Gr
  9. One more https://www.mediafire.com/file/m3npn9qpx5bzwqt/H2V02.zip/file 19801017-15h35-18h00-Top40-LexH-80Min (N°40-16 et 04-01) Bad quality Own recording in France Eric C.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ultktxos3e6mccz/HRV03.zip/file Eric C.
  11. Beste Hans Bimbo Jet - La Balanga (EMI 1975) is de juiste titel Eric C.
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zhsctzgb8ublc7q/CARO389.zip/file Eigen opname uit Frankrijk 19h20-20h00 Eric C.
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