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  1. erco59

    BRT opnames

    Source : eigen Hi-Tension werd uitgezonden op woensdag, zaterdag & Zondag door DJs : Mike, Daniel, Jan, Zaki (Jingle) En hier is ook een BRT Top10 uit April 1969 door Dee-Jay Jan : http://www.mediafire.com/file/imhys19q4pjsrvt/BRTHI.zip/file Enregistrement personnel en France Eric C.
  2. Dag Jan Is in fact : RNI-1970091x-0000-0029-Carl Mitchell + RNI-19700823-09310947-AndyArcher Gr, Eric
  3. Dag Hans Bedankt voor Mickael Lindsey & Alan West Volgens mij Alan West is van een week eerder :19700810-1523-1608 : - it's monday afternoon - In the Top 30 : N° 6 : Fairweather - Natural Sinner N° 30 : Jimmy Cliff - Wild world Gr, Eric
  4. Hallo John I don't think like you , the recording is well on the 15th of August 1970 : - It's a saturday afternoon - CCR -up around the bend is Number 14 - And at 1700 Larry Tramaine announces : broadcasting on MW 217m, FM channel30-96 Mhz, and SW 6.2 MHZ Gr, Eric
  5. En voor ongeveer 1 Minuut met geluid en beelden van Rob Out : Het Veronica Avontuur - Deel 2- 1984 - Veronica op Nederland 1 Eric C.
  6. Thanks Jan Fre , it's a pleasure to listen to RNI with such a quality The second program is also Andy Archer but from the 27th of July Gr, Eric
  7. Dag Hans Only Andy Archer in not from the 24th July, but from the 25th of February 1970 1056-1150 Gr, Eric
  8. Ringo -Tentation (1973) Tune van Mike Verdrengh op 208 in 1973
  9. Thanks for the last minutes of Roger Day and for Bob MacKie, as there are no many airchecks from him Eric
  10. It is quite correct And this is what I have from my own recordings on the 29 & 30 June 1970 So 49 years ago tomorrow! http://www.mediafire.com/file/h5dsu95hvwjhlha/RNI09.zip/file Eric
  11. was already provided and is from June 7
  12. Probably from the 4th of April 1973 1537-1624 http://www.mediafire.com/file/1u59v496ke8z9v7/Caro259PB.zip/file Own recording in France
  13. According to a swedish reception report in Sweden calling DXers, there was also non-stop test on the evenings of the 2nd and 4th May on 1385Khz -217m http://www.mediafire.com/file/x6ukz67j60pbos3/SWRNI217.zip/file Eric
  14. Ja ik http://www.mediafire.com/file/389xndake7ey5jk/ATL016.zip/file Eric
  15. Hi Ian That's what I have under the hand http://www.mediafire.com/file/vbq3aq388jf2j91/MIA.zip/file Are still missing : 24/04/74 1900-2000 Norman B 29/04/74 1700-1800 Mike Moorkens 08/07/74 0800-0900 Bert Bennett Eric
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