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  1. Definitely Stuart Russell with Jay Jackson reading the news. This first stint on the Ross rejoining on the 1st of July. The next time he appeared was 1987 as Nigel Harris just before the collapse of the tower. Dale
  2. Good morning, On the Richard Lee recording he states that it is Easter Sunday so it would be the 3rd April 1988. Dale
  3. I did think it was the 31.08.1986, but in the 13.00 news the American Nicholas Daniloff was not arrested by the KGB until the 02.09.1986. So could it be the following Sunday? The 7th September? Dale
  4. It does not sound like John Lewis, could it be James Day? If I remember he was onboard at that time with Mike Barrington and John Lewis. Dale
  5. I believe this is John Tyler and not John Dwyer. Dale
  6. The recording of Dave Richards is I believe is not as this is the output on 963 as from 19.00 Roy Masters returned after 5 years . From this day 963 and 576 did not join up until 21.00(uk) Dale
  7. Did anyone notice that Caroline was broadcasting on 585khz on this recording, from memory they were only on this frequency for 2 or 3 days. Dale
  8. The recording of Caroline from the 14th February 1985 sounds to me that is John Lewis and not Bruce Purdy, does anyone else think so? Dale
  9. The unknown from 0350-0400 on Caroline is Andy Moorcock (Andy Howard) Dale
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