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  1. The 18.03.1984 11.35-12.20 is Diane Lauren with Jay Jackson on news at 12.00 Dale
  2. I must agree with Gerard that is David Andrews. Dale
  3. Yes is Caroline from the Mebo 2 from Thursday 18th June 1970. Alan West with the news followed by Mark Westly.
  4. The unknown from 19841231 is Andy Moorcock (Howard). Dale
  5. The 19841125 0700-0800 is Brian Allen and not Simon Barrett. Dale
  6. The 19841200 John Lewis/Tony James is:- Mark Summers/Tony James- 19850112-1432-1645 The unknown from19841231 0350-0400 is Roland Butter another alias of engineer Andy Howard. The Unknown from 19841115 0050-0130 is Stuart Vincent. Dale
  7. WK-DAT-01is:- 0.00-1.37 Steven Bishop Radio Caroline 19791214 02.53-0430 1.38-4.04 Laser 729 from19840121 or could be the early hours of the 22nd ? Dale
  8. The unknown from 19841217 is Dave Richards and it would have been 1800-1830 (UK time) Dale The unknown from 19841217 is a better quality recording of Dave Richards . This one had Monique closing for the day then Caroline. So the times were 17.58-19.00 ( UK time) Dale
  9. Onbekend-2 0.00-31.00 is the top 10 of top 100 on TROS on Hilversum 3 with Ferry Matt from 25-12-1975 31.00-58.00 is Radio Mi amigo with The Jukebox with Stan Haag 19.00-19.28 from 25-12-1975 Dale
  10. Onbekend-1 is Radio Caroline 259 from 24/25 December 1975. First James Ross 23.00-0030. Then Jeff Bolan 00.30-00.48. the 12 minutes is the top 50 of 1975 on Hilversum 3. Dale
  11. The recording is from 16.24-17.25. 16.24-17.00 Andy robin. 17.00-17.25 Paul Graham. At 17.00 there is Monique News from 963, then Steve Conway reading the Caroline 558 News Dale
  12. This one is Manx Radio from Saturday 10th October 1970. 1522-1605 Don Allen with:- Country and western jamboree 15.22-16.00 TV tonight 16.00-16.05 Dale
  13. Great recordings,just a couple of things:- the1985 0407-08.42-13.00 is the Andy Archer one from 19840122. The 19850407-1444-2111 the Chris is Chris Pearson. Chris Carson was on Laser 558 Dale
  14. This is a fairly easy one to date:- It was the return of the DTI vessel Landward visiting the Ross Revenge , it is 14th September 1990. The recording is 16.24-22.50(UK time). 16.24-20.00 is Ricky Jones 20.00- 22.50 Rico Dale
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