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  1. The Dave Richards recording is most probably from the 17th of June 1989. Dale
  2. The recordings MiAmigo 01&02 both appear to be recordings of AVRO which must come from a similar time as the return of Caroline on the 15th of April 1979 going by the music be played.
  3. I believe this Tim Shepard from the 29.03.1987 between 14.42-15.17(uk)
  4. The Caroline unknown is Ian Miles, he says his name just before the end of the recording. Ian was on board for the Easter 25th birthday celebrations, so it would be March or April. Dale
  5. The Caroline Short wave recording from 1988 is not Mike Watts but an American just called Alex.
  6. This is from 27th October 1972 going by the football results. Dale
  7. Geoff Finch is the unknown from 1982.09.18 Dale
  8. The recording from 19780225 sounds like Tom Hardy who was on the Peaceship in 1978.The one from 19780320 is continuous music to 0700 then again Tom Hardy until 0714. The second one I have no idea! Anybody agree? Dale
  9. The unknown from 0350-0400 is Mark Matthews on Caroline Overdrive Dale
  10. Definitely Stuart Russell with Jay Jackson reading the news. This first stint on the Ross rejoining on the 1st of July. The next time he appeared was 1987 as Nigel Harris just before the collapse of the tower. Dale
  11. Good morning, On the Richard Lee recording he states that it is Easter Sunday so it would be the 3rd April 1988. Dale
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