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  1. Juul I have sent my email to norderney@hetnet.nl Anyway, the show is available on the donateur page , so it's Ok.
  2. Thank you Armand. I have sent a message to Ad and Juul asking to play the good show this wednesday ( replay ).
  3. This past saturday July 24, 2021 i have recorded the Tip parade on 192 Radio and i had The show from July 17 ( Tip parade of July 17, 1971 instead of July 24, 1971 ). Can someone confirm it was not my computer but the one from 192 Radio that did wrong ?
  4. Ok, thank you Gerard.
  5. This saturday, again, hour 1 from the Tip Parade was from the week before... Hope it will be fixed next wednesday... I don't understand the message from Gerad van den Ende ( i'm french and i don't speak dutch ) but i would appreciate if he could find a definitive solution to this worrying situation . Thank you.
  6. Juul , Let's make no mistake , i kow that you receive emails in your mailbox and you send them to other members of the staff. I can understand a problem of computer on saturday but not during the replay of wednesday for which you were informed two days before. So......... i think that i am legitimate to critizice this situation since it happens often. My reaction is as strong as my interest for your fantastic shows and wonderful station but from a listener ( and donateur ) point of view i still have the strange feeling that the station doesn't take seriously the request or claims from its loyal listeners. I just hope 192 Radio will bring its best efforts to ameliorate this computer bugs especially by playing the good files on wednesdays replays. Thank you.
  7. I've already sent email in the past : they just don't care !
  8. yes, why did you play hour 1 of the Tip parade from the week before ? Why are there always problems on saturday's tip parades on 192 Radio ? Hope the station will fix it on next wednesday's replay.
  9. Here's April 19, 1969 ( billboard Top 50 ), from 2016 : https://we.tl/t-sVPHGxVp08 The link expires in 7 days only.
  10. Here's May 02, 1981 ( billboard Top 50 ), from 2016 : https://we.tl/t-YXE8c4otCP The link expires in 7 days only.
  11. I second Armand's remarks . Two weeks ago, the same situation happened . Message to 192 Radio staff : Can you please , next wednesday Apr 28 play the entire Tip Parade from April 24, 1971 and not again hour 1 from April 10 ! Thank you
  12. Thank you so much PowerMusic, really appreciated.
  13. Is there any chance to have the Top 100 of each year of the '60s posted again, soon ? Thank you
  14. April 02, 1977 https://www.mediafire.com/file/akk87n33hdzyqzn/BB100-040277-192.ZIP/file
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