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  1. Hi


    Thanks for posting this! - I have just finished listening.


    I was hoping it might be uploaded regularly, but, as I'm sure you know, such postings have now been banned from the forum.


    That's a great shame.


    My internet connection isn't good enough to listen to this online, so thank you for the opportunity to hear it






  2. Hi Theo


    I just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to easily acquire and play the updated versions of A Month In A Life.


    I understand that the administrators are not allowing this to be posted any more. That's a great shame - I shall miss it terribly, and without a decent internet connection there's not much chance of me hearing it online.


    Once again, thank you for the music


    Kind Regards - and sorry for writing in English





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    2. AlJoEdin


      Thanks, Theo


      That's very kind



    3. Theo Jansen

      Theo Jansen

      Hello Alan,


      This time I'll send you the link to the show of this afternoon in a pm on this site.


      April 1969



      From next week on I will send an email to the persons who show interest.

      So please give me your email adres.




    4. AlJoEdin


      Hi Theo


      Thank you, as always


      My email address is bradysurb@yahoo.com





  3. DJ on last title is Paul Gambaccini. The programme aired on 2 November 1974
  4. Thanks for this - the guest is Tony Blackburn on his final Radio One appearance
  5. Thank you for another interesting recording - Johnny Moran was mostly heard on Scene & Heard but deserved more airtime. I have re-tagged my copy as 19730407 (Saturday 7 April 1973). Johnny mentions that the show preceding is The Rolling Stones Story, which was always broadcast on Saturday. In the news, there is a report about an International Peacekeeping helicopter being shot down in Vietnam, as reported on 8 April 1973 in The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/1973/04/08/archives/peace-agency-helicopter-believed-down-in-vietnam-report-disputed.html and a death from smallp
  6. Hi Vincent I thought you had uncovered a rare Kenny Everett treasure - but it's just two shows that someone has annoyingly joined together. The first 47 minutes are from Saturday 4 July 1970, which I have as a separate recording 'cleaned by Oldies 45'. The rest of the recording is of Kenny Everett on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio Four. Presented by Sue Lawley, it was first broadcast on October 24, 1993. The recording you have is slightly truncated (38m against the original of more than 40 minutes). It is, however, available in full with studio quality here https://w
  7. DLT is 3 October 1970 (Nixon in Ireland, opening of BBC Radio London are mentioned, providing clues)
  8. To clarify what this recording is, here's what it says about it at the BBC's Genome site 9.00: Sounds of the 60s Christmas Special A few weeks ago listeners were invited to vote for their favourite record from the 60s. Today Simon Dee reveals the results of that poll as he plays the Sounds of the 60s listeners' Top 20. Tune in and find out how hip you are! Producer STUART HOBDAY BBC Bristol Contributors DJ: Simon Dee Producer: Stuart Hobday
  9. Thanks for this Metadata shows it was broadcast 10 April 1977 (19771004)
  10. Seems to be 3 November 1968 https://peel.fandom.com/wiki/03_November_1968
  11. Hi Listening to it reveals that the first half is actually a show called Be My Guest, presented by Kenny Everett, with Lulu as a guest. BBC Genome reveals that it was broadcast on Tuesday 12 December 1967 at 2100. I already have it with an erroneous 19690000 date cleaned by Oldies45. As for the second half...there's no Kenny Everett, and the DJ identifies himself as Paul Hollingdaqle, and says it is Wednesday 5 November, which places it in 1969. Not your fault but I hate mislabelled and mixed recordings which make me think there's some previously unheard E
  12. Thank you so much for filling our days with a reminder of times more innocent and less gloomy
  13. Thanks again to both Theo and Oldies Project - I'm loving these expanded versions AlJoEdin
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