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    Thanks for the recordings Eric. Gary "Hartney" should be Gary Courtney, known as Keith Martin on Caroline. https://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/djsm.htm#kmartin
  2. I sent these recordings to Ray Robinson of the Azanorak site, as well as posting them here. Ray has spotted that on MS05 David Lee Stone gives the date as 4th Nov 1984, not the 18th. He thinks MS07 may also be from 4th November. Jon
  3. I am sorry if people don't like Mediafire. I chose it because I find that Pixeldrain often freezes in mid-download.
  4. These recordings were not made by Mark. He found them while sorting through his cassettes. They belonged to his friend, the late Howard Rose. Howard had been a DJ, as Crispian St.John, during the seventies and in the eighties broadcast on Radio Caroline under the name of Jay Jackson. JJ01Jay Jackson, Caroline 576, playing his personal Top 5, Christmas 1984, 11:30-11:45, 26/12/84 JJ02Jay Jackson, Caroline 576, Boxing Day 1984 continued, 11:45-12:00, 26/12/84 JJ03Jay Jackson, Caroline 576, 10:35-10:50, 25/12/84 JJ04Jay Jackson, Caroline 576, 25/12/84 continued / Charlie Wolf, Laser 558 JJ05Caroline 963 - Tony Gareth test tx 19/8/83, 20/8/83, Tom Anderson reopening station JJ06Tom Anderson, Radio Caroline returns continued 20/8/83 12:27-13:12
  5. Mark Stuart is best remembered for his time as a DJ on Radio Northsea International in 1971 but he returned to sea in 1984-5 to work behind the scenes as an engineer on Laser-558. He has given me these recordings, taped off-air on the Laser ship, the mv Communicator, on a collection of old cassettes. Some are very short. There are no dates on the cassettes. I have tried to give dates where possible – either taken from DJ comments, news items or Jan-Fre’s Offshore Radio Index - but some are unknown. Can anyone supply the missing dates? I have posted clips from some of these on my website: https://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/album121.htm MS01Ric Harris Laser 730 06:00-07:00 30/1/84 studio dry run, scoped, not broadcast; Laser 558 26/12/84 07:53-08:17 GMT MS02Ric Harris Laser 558 08:40-09:11 undated (possibly 26/12/84 continued) MS03David Lee Stone Laser 558 08:40-09:00 17/11/84 (poor quality) MS04David Lee Stone Laser 558 09:01-09:20 17/11/84. MS05David Lee Stone Laser 558 Sixties Sunday, 08:20-08:40 18/11/84 (includes going off the air briefly for “technical adjustments”) MS06David Lee Stone Laser 558 Sixties Sunday 18/11/84 MS07David Lee Stone Laser 558 date unknown. MS08David Lee Stone Laser 558 07:44-08:06 date unknown MS09David Lee Stone Laser 558 14:42-15:02, 6/11/84 MS10David Lee Stone Laser 558 afternoon 6/11/84 (6 mins); David Lee Stone Sixties Sunday 11/11/84 07:18-07:33 MS11David Lee Stone Laser 558 16:38-17:09 a Saturday in February 1985 MS12Ric Harris, Laser 558 07:19-07:36 Sixties Sunday 28/10/84 MS13Ric Harris, Laser 558 8:23-08:39, Sixties Sunday undated (possibly 28/10/84 continued) MS14David Lee Stone Laser 558 16:35-17:05 Sixties Sunday undated MS15David Lee Stone Laser 558 07:56-08:27 25/3/85 MS16David Lee Stone Laser 558 Sixties Sunday 08:12-08:43 24/3/85 MS17David Lee Stone / Erin Kelly Laser 558 08:54-09:25 Sixties Sunday undated (possibly 24/3/85 continued) MS18Erin Kelly Laser 558 09:27-10:00 station closes with technical problems. Possibly 28/2/85 MS19Tommy Rivers Laser 558 13:57-14:44 undated, possibly 28/2/85 “back with a new and improved aerial system” MS20Tommy Rivers, Charlie Wolf on news Laser 558 20/11/84 15 minutes MS21Ric Harris Laser 558 Sixties Sunday 16/12/84 15 minutes MS22Ric Harris, Holly Michaels Laser 558 08:47-09:02 Sixties Sunday 16/12/84 MS23Ric Harris Laser 558 05:52-06:39 Sixties Sunday 17/3/85 MS24Erin Kelly Laser 558 08:58-09:45 Sixties Sunday 17/3/85 MS25Dave Chaney Laser 558 09:15-10:00 Sixties Sunday, date unknown MS26David Lee Stone / Jessie Brandon Laser 558 16:28-17:13 Sixties Sunday + short clip from another show (Liz West?) MS27David Lee Stone Laser 558 09:35-09:50 Sixties Sunday 18/11/84 MS28David Lee Stone Laser 558 Sixties Sunday, date unknown MS29David Lee Stone Laser 558 Sixties Sunday, 06:59-07:11, date unknown
  6. Is the date correct for the Caroline recording? I don't think Mark Warner was on the Ross Revenge in December 1986. And he mentions it is Friday the 13th. 13th December 1986 was a Saturday. It think it is more likely to be Friday 13th March 1987
  7. I made a note of some of the record labels involved in Laser Hot Hits' Power Plays but sadly not the titles of the records. This is what I have. Others should be on the list too. Bonaire Records (Strangeways), CBS Records (Alison Moyet), Jive Records (Samantha Fox, Billy Ocean, Real Thing, Ruby Turner, etc.), Magnet Records (Chris Rea), MCA Records (Triumph, REM), Motown Records (Smokey Robinson), Serious Records (Darlene Davis), Siren Records (Faith Brothers), Supreme Records (Mel and Kim), Tangerine Records (7th.Avenue), Virgin Records (Jean Beauvoir).
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    The History Channel has produced a podcast about the British offshore stations of the sixties and Radio Caroline in particular: https://play.acast.com/s/historythisweek/popmusicpirates
  9. Thanks for looking Hans. All the best, Jon
  10. I was sorry to hear that Jack Curtiss has died at the age of 78. He was only on Britain Radio for a short time before being promoted to General Manager so recordings are rare. Does anyone have one they could share here?
  11. I think the Mike Melbourne / Richard Jackson recording is from 13th March 1987 not June 1986.
  12. 1965 04 25_13.33-14.11_Duncan_Johnson_-_Martin_Locke1347-1401.mp3 Nice to hear but this sounds like Dave Dennis, not Duncan Johnson.
  13. Nice recording but I think it is Grant Benson not Brian Allen.
  14. Jan-Fre, I have an Atlanta Top 20 for 7th June on my website (http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/chart210.htm). On your recording TW mentions that it is the second weekly chart programme which suggests that it is from the 14th.
  15. Thank you Jan-Fre. I have another copy of that recording which is labelled 14th June 1964. Are you sure of the date?
  16. From the chart positions he gives, this program is from between 26th November and 3rd December 1965: http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/chart10.htm
  17. I asked the man himself and he told me that there was no D in his surname so that is how I have spelt it on The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/djs7q2r.htm#rogers
  18. According to https://www.islandsfm.org/presenters/tony-kaye he was on "Radio Atlantis in the 60's". Really?
  19. Radio Caroline Caroline-19850522-0342-0400-SusanCharles I don't think this is Susan Charles. Maybe Fiona Jeffreys?
  20. David Sinclair joined Radio 390 in 1967. He was still on Radio Essex in August 1966.
  21. Thanks for the recordings but this isn't a Countdown of Album Sound. That started at 21:00.
  22. I don't think it is Mike Raven. More likely "Jay Thompson" (station director John Thompson).
  23. Great recording but I think it is 1967, not 1966.
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