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  1. Monique-19870512-0958-1000-Onbekend-Nieuws: Jan Veldkamp Thanks !
  2. https://pixeldrain.com/u/ykihwtdm Caroline-6210kHz-19880306-1230-1248-Testing.mp3 : Opening with Mike Watts https://pixeldrain.com/u/sqdiFqfy Caroline-6210kHz-19880306-1230-1315-ChrisKennedy+SteveMasters.mp3: Opening with Mike Watts https://pixeldrain.com/u/FP9hj9Ky Caroline-7558kHz-19910406-1545-1630-ChrisAdams.mp3 : Rico then Chris Adams Thanks
  3. As I said earlier, pas de probléme (et pas de honte!)😉 Thanks for your recordings.
  4. KC: Kirk Clyatt http://clyatt.net/
  5. "This 's Caroline on 259 meters"... (0.21) 1907 - 2008
  6. Regarding the 7558 broadcast: In March 1991, The Ross Revenge was still at sea but off the air. Herbie The Fish had the idea that the station should at least make a presence on the airwaves at Easter. He had a SW transmitter in his apartment in Amsterdam and on Easter Sunday, Nigel Harris was on the air during a couple of hours on 7558, a “558” frequency… Best regards Bella
  7. This was conducted by Herbie the Fish from The Nederlands. Frequency and date are correct.
  8. https://pixeldrain.com/u/ybHmNouU RadioNewYorkInternational-7435kHz-19911214-SteveConway-RadioCarolineStory.mp3 https://pixeldrain.com/u/N8KBAVNH RadioNewYorkInternational-7435kHz-19911123-RadioCaroline-SteveConway-NeilGates.mp3 "To help maintain global media awareness, we were able to get special Radio Caroline programmes aired on international shortwave station Radio NewYork International. Station owner Allan Weiner had worked for Caroline, and had briefly operated his own offshore station, a few years earlier. As well as Radio NewYork, the Caroline programmes were also aired over Radio for Peace International. operating from South America." https://www.offshoreechos.com/supporting Caroline/supportingcarolineeng.htm
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