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  1. Thank. Better sales with an English version ?
  2. Monique-19860428-1700-1800-Onbekend-Windkracht4tot6 : Jan Veldkamp 👍
  3. Many thanks Vincent Caroline-19860426-0900-1315-SimonBarrett-DaveAndrews : Simon is back on board ! Best wishes Bella
  4. Hi Vincent, Peter Phillips 12h58- 13h00 then 13h00 news with Kevin Turner then Dave Andrews until 14h30. KInd regards Bella
  5. Thanks Vincent & Hans. Jerry was back on board in June 1990 under the name of Jerry Wright. Bella
  6. Dj is Ian Miles (Ian Akers) from 13h30 to 14h03 BST. May 1989.
  7. DD R2R 407 AL.mp3 : Dave Asher then Keith Francis (13h19 BST), Caroline 558 Sunday 12 June 1988. Then Steve Conway back on the air after antenna problem repaired by Mike Watts just before Radio Caroline celebrating it's 25th birthday on BBC1's Daytime Live, 20th March 1989.
  8. Hi Vincent The Ross Revenge was drifting... Think correct timing is 1634- 1704. Wish you a good Sunday Bella
  9. (Do you read me, Bella?!) Of course, I do !! Yes, Paul Dean 👍
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