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  1. The French programmes with Denis were on air every Sunday in January and February 1978 from 17:00 to 18:00 and then switched to 18:00-19:00 from 19 March 1978. So 5 February 1978 1700-1703 is correct.
  2. Ronald Van Der Meijden-Meijdenwerk then last news with Dick Verheul Jamie King
  3. Monique-19860827-0850-1900-Onbekend-3om3 : Arie Swets then news with Dick Verheul (0950-1000?)
  4. You’re right Gerard. Dick Verheul is closing down the station at 19h. So, it seems to be from 18h43 to 19h; then Radio Caroline news with Jamie King.
  5. Monique-19860826-1559-1600-Onbekend-Nieuws : Arie Swets Monique-19860826-1600-1632-Onbekend-Windkracht4tot6 : Erwin vd Bliek πŸ‘
  6. Monique-19860818-1656-1700-Onbekend-Nieuws Wim de Walk Monique-19860818-1700-1730-Onbekend-Windkracht4tot6 Erwin van der Blieck
  7. Radio Caroline Caroline-19860817-0347-0400-Onbekend : Overdrive, Johnny Lewis.
  8. RMA 77-00-00 00-00h Franstalig uur https://pixeldrain.com/u/yXicAHuN 1978 07 16 1800 1900 Denis
  9. Thank. Better sales with an English version ?
  10. Monique-19860428-1700-1800-Onbekend-Windkracht4tot6 : Jan Veldkamp πŸ‘
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