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  1. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 26 maart 1969

    What is the difference between the same show aired last year and this one ? The difference Skyseth is I may have missed it last year and not knowing this weeks chart was a repeat
  2. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 26 maart 1969

    Good top UK 40 , well produced :-)
  3. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 10 februari 1973

    Glad to see it back , I thought you went away forever
  4. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 3 december 1960

    Im vex too , hopefully we`ll have a repeat at some point
  5. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 6 november 1965

    Thanks Ronny second hour sounded fine , onwards to next week 1966
  6. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 6 november 1965

    1965 Again ronny ..... twice this happened in recent weeks , your gonna be behind with all your dates Ronny
  7. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 15 oktober 1977

    Oh no , not 1977 again
  8. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] Vijf jaar UK Top 40 ...

    I have just checked myself to see if its a repeat but its not according to my records So looking forward to it later , Thanks Ronny
  9. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] UK Top 40 - 15 juli 1972

    Bit of a longshot but , I was away in Cornwall uk for a week so I was always going to miss Saturday UK Top 40 on 9th July Does anyone on here have a copy of the show ?? I be most grateful as it was a good Top 40 looking at the playlist . Hoping someone can , Thanking you very much . Regards Dave.......
  10. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] Uk Top 40 - 13 mei 1967

    Dam We heard that chart last week , get your act together ...... please !!!
  11. dave_raggs

    Cashbox Top 100

    Thanks Melle for the link/explainer
  12. dave_raggs

    Cashbox Top 100

    Sorry .. but what is a cashbox chart ??
  13. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 19 februari 1977

    Thanks Ronny I am up to date right now but, if there a problem with future shows I shall know who to call upon Regards Dave
  14. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 19 februari 1977

    Is there a problem with Radio 192 stream or is it my computer ? When i start recording the UK Top 40 i have no connection with the stream at 20h . It happened twice , this weekend and the one before. When i listened to the station later, everything is ok. Can someone help me by posting the last two shows ? Did you have the same problem with tonites show Skyseth ?? because I did , I got cut during the no23 track Hey Joe so I had 2 files for 1 show and I have not got any software to sow them together , what can you recommend ?? regards Dave
  15. dave_raggs

    [Norderney192] De UK Top 40 van 25 februari 1967

    March 1967 ... Sure to be Some classics in there, Thanks Ronny looking forward to listening

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