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  1. I looked at Freewave Magazine No 116. In Zeezender nu column, it said for 1st July, Frits v Frits starting and questioned if Stan Haag was on holiday. Was Vier Seizoenen Show just on fridays, taking over the Henk Krol show. Therefore, I'm thinking that the final Jukebox would be Thursday 27th July. Comment please! Mvg, John C
  2. Thank you very much for the info, Vincent Mvg, John C
  3. Beste MartinJA, Is it possible to let me know the presenters of the Top 100 from 1000 until 1800. Groetjes, John C
  4. Beste Jan-Fre, Are these repeats from Sunday 27th? I already have the NSGDX as1971 06 27 Sun RNI (6205kHz) 0900-0930 Groetjes, John C
  5. Beste Juul, Password is freeradio Groetjes, John C
  6. Beste Juul, If you copy and paste the website below: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wx8zhb91l17sb/Azanorak you will come to the home page, then click through Audio Int. Waters, English (60's), London. Groetjes, John C
  7. Beste Juul en Jan-Fre, There is a longer version on the Azanorak website which is 53mins long. Groetjes, John C
  8. Beste Jan-Fre, I have listened to the programme from 13th June with Tony Allan. He introduces a new programme called "You're not going to believe this". So' with Tony Allan saying one thing and Alan West saying "you'll never believe this", I don't think we'll get a true answer. Wvg, John C
  9. Beste Jan-Fre, I've listened to it again. 1900-1930 You'll never believe this- Alan West. 1930-2100 Album Show- Mike Ross. Mvg, John C
  10. Beste Gerard, I am no longer sure, at the beginning of the show Alan West refers to it as "You'll never believe this" which sounds like the best bet. Mvg, John C
  11. Beste Jan-Fre, You're Never Gonna believe this is not Tony Allan but Alan West sitting in. Mvg, John C
  12. Does anyone have any recordings of Fluff's Saturday Rock Show between 1973 and 1978.
  13. Beste Vincent, I find that this seems to be the Boom Boom Brannigan show as uploaded yesterday and on Saturday with the same start time but different run times. Do you agree with me? Mvg, John C
  14. Beste Vincent, I wonder if anyone can tell me Joost's correct name. I have seen so many variations including Joost de Draaier, from the 1968 Veronica Top 40 chart. Others are Joost den Draaier and Joost de Draaijer.
  15. Beste Martinja, Are you sure about the date of this. According to Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, Mike Stevens came off the Mi Amigo a couple of weeks before it sank. Also, he says you are listening to Madrugada. The only reference I have got to that programme is with Richard Thompson in 1978. Mvg, John C
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