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  1. Beste Vincent, How can you have a Zondagmiddagmatinee when 1st April 1985 was on a Monday? Gr, John C
  2. Dear Hans, I am a bit confused. According to my archives, I have Caroline on 576kHz until 7th November 1985. Can you enlighten me where 585kHz comes from? John C
  3. Thanx for this info. I got 22 downloads from the old MMR page. It is a shame that the older ones were no longer available. Mvg, JC
  4. Beste Jan, The timing of this should be 1833-1904. Mvg, John C
  5. Beste Jan-Fre, Can you tell me why the mailing address on the first test is PO Box 113 Zurich, but the second is PO Box 117 Hilversum, when the Dutch service did not start until 20th March? Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Martin, It says that this is the first satellite radio, that it is available in hi-fi quality on cable. Again, many thanks for all these programmes. It is a pity that it was only for 12 days. Mvg, John C
  7. Beste Martin, Many thanks for these uploads. I had never heard Europa Radio before, but it was great hear these Bart, Alfred and Peter programmes. Mvg, John C
  8. Beste Martin, The timing for this excerpt is 1500-1600. Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Vincent, Bart has the correct date 1976 12 01, but Hans has the correct time 0902-1109. Wvg, John C
  10. Beste Martin, I think that this is the same show as on FM 6th June above. Gr, John C
  11. Dear Louis, I have this on my laptop as 1970 06 06 Sat RNI (100FM) 2232-2308 Duncan Johnson. Mvg, John C
  12. Beste Vincent, Onbekend is Tom Hardy. mvg, John C
  13. Dear Vincent, This should be 1978 09 16 Sat R Caroline (319m) 1900-1930. mvg, John C
  14. Beste Vincent, On this short clip, Tom Hardy says it is Saturday the 15th July. Wvg, John C
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