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  1. I notice that these programmes are metioned in "Dagboek van de Mi Amigo" in Freewave magazine, but are not mentioned in Mi Amigo tijdlijn on Radiopedia. Mvg, John C
  2. Beste Martinja, I have the above as Branding presented by John de Mol. Mvg, John C
  3. DJ is Simon Barrett. Mvg, John C
  4. This was was Ian Akers' first show for Caroline, 4 hours 1300-1700. Mvg, John C
  5. Beste Vincent, This is not Ferry Eden but Ad Roberts, verified by Jan-Fre's Offshore Index. Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, This is not 1986 but 15th March 1985. Satelliteschijf is Little Benny and the Masters- Who comes to Boogie. 1600-1617 Nico Stevens is also 1985. Mvg, John C
  7. Dear Scotty, I think that the date for this will be Monday 28th February 1972. The DX programme featured Radio 270, this was originally broadcast on Sunday 27th February 1972. So your recording the day after? Alle beste, John C
  8. Beste Martinja, After listening to this, Stan Haag says that the date is 24th June. I confirmed this by looking at Jan-Fre's Offshore Index. Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Rob, The advert contains a few spelling mistakes with regard to DJ names. Martin Caine= Martin Kayne, tony Allen= Tony Allan, Dave Rodgers= Dave Rogers and Chrispian St John= Crispian St John. Martin Kayne was on board when RNI began testing late February 1971. He presented programmes until early April 1971. Mvg, John C
  10. Yes, after listening to both of them, I agree that this is Mark Matthews. It just seems strange that 2058-2146 is the same for both recordings. Gr., John C
  11. Beste Vincent, I already have this recording. The details I have for it "1975 05 06 Tue R Mi Amigo (259m) 1400-1500 Bert Bennett Show" Mvg, John C
  12. I agree, so if it was recorded 6th February, then would it be broadcast on the following Monday, i.e. 11th February. Gr, John C
  13. Beste Bert, I have just been reading "Het dagboek van de MV Mi Amigo", 6th February 1974 says that Schools' Out is recorded at a school in Haarlem, presented by Andy Archer and Dennis King. This was in Freewave magazine. Mvg, John C
  14. Beste Vincent, These are the same files as posted by Bert, i.e. 21st January Alice Cooper special. Gr, John C
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