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  1. This seems to be the same recording to the one from 6th September. Gr. John C
  2. Beste Jan-Fre, Is it possible for you to upload the 0835-1004 again to include .mp3 at the end, as the download at the moment becomes a file which cannot be opened. m.v.g. John C
  3. Thank you so much jan227, you are a star! m.v.g John C
  4. Beste Jan-Fre, Can you use another downloading site as Zippyshare is still forbidden in the UK. m.v.g, John C
  5. Dear Vincent, Can you tell me if the Mi Amigo tijdlijn is wrong for 7 augustus 1979? It says that Erik Mes was new on board and that he presented Keukenpret and Stuurboord on this day. Yours, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, On the 2358-0006, Roger Matthews says at the end of his programme "see you tomorrow Christmas Day". Therefore this must be 24th December. Groetjes, John C
  7. Beste Louis, 17 July 1979 was on Tuesday because I have you opening Ook Goeie Morgen late at 0704, making excuses for being late. Groetjes, John C
  8. Dear Scotty, The last file 2000-2100 Wim de Groot does not work. It comes up as "Permission denied" for Let it grow by Eric Clapton. Groetjes, John C
  9. Beste Martin 1968, Can you possibly upload these 3 files in another form, such as pixel drain. Zippyshare is still forbidden in the U.K. M.v.g, John C
  10. Thank you so very much for the uploads, very much appreciated. Groetjes, John C
  11. Does anyone have any recordings of the Alarmschijven Weekend 29th - 30th June 1973?
  12. Beste Vincent, I have tried all the posts and one will load. Groetjes, John C
  13. P.S. The Azanorak download is a clearer one than that you posted.
  14. Beste Martinja, I have definitely got the date from Azanorak's website. 1973 06 29 Fri R Caroline (259m) 1900-1952 Dennis King. I have played both downloads and they are identical. Groetjes, John C
  15. Beste Martinja, When I said 21st September, I meant 1974 not 1973. Gr. John C
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