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  1. Beste Vincent, These posts are identical and as far as I can make out, the time should be 2128-2132. Mvg, John C
  2. Beste Vincent, According to Offshore Radio Museum the correct name is Chris Massey. Mvg, John C
  3. Beste Thijs, Could it be Peter de Groot? Ad Roberts did the nieuws. Peter de Groot, Ad Roberts and Jan Veldkamp left on the tender on the 20th. (source Monitor 35 page 66) Mvg, John C
  4. I've changed my mind, it is 1300-1500 with the 1357 news edited out. Gr, John C
  5. Beste Jan-Fre, I reckon this should read 1300-1457 as it is 117 minutes long. Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, After listening to it all the way through, I have come up with Mark Hanna 1018-1120 Tue 6th October. Could it be FM stereo? Mvg, John C
  7. Beste Bert, Should have realised that 3rd juli is on Monday. Therefore could we agree on 5th July 1978? Mvg, John C
  8. Beste Jan, I think it must be 3rd July. I already have a recording of Jukebox and Flashback Show for 28th June. This Flashbackshow was presented by Johan Visser. Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Vincent, After consulting Offshore Museum, I cannot find Mike Hanner. However, there is Mark Hanna listed in Voice of Peace staff. Mvg, John C
  10. Beste Bart, After looking at Offshore Index, it looks like 1989 06 18 Shaun Tilley and Philip John. Gr, John C
  11. Beste Vincent, These are identical recordings, one quoted UK time, the other CET. Mvg, John C
  12. Beste Hans, After consulting Jan-Fre's Offshore Index, I think the details are 5th September 1965 1323-1400. Mvg, John C
  13. Beste Vincent, This could also be 22nd March 1975. After looking at Jan-Fre's Offshore Index, the records played are identical. Maybe there is a reason for this? Mvg, John C
  14. Beste Vincent, You got the name correct yesterday, Sally Cahm. That is according to Offshore Radio Museum. Mvg, John C
  15. Beste Vincent, Just a slight correction. It should be Friday 21st June 1985. Mvg, John C
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