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  1. Caroline- Kelvin Carter (later to become James Ross) Mvg, Jhhn C
  2. 1300-1412 Mvg, John C
  3. According to Wikipedia Spring is 21st March- 21st June. Therfore, 22nd March must be correct. It depends if we are talking about astronomica spring or meteorlogical spring (which is 1st march- 1st June). Just looking at Jan-Fre's Index, the entries for 1st March and 22nd March are similar. Mvg, John C
  4. Dear Ian and Gerard, You are quite right, I thought there was something wrong when I heard the Peter van Dam Show jingle several times. Greetings, John C
  5. Beste Martinja, Shouldn't this be 23rd March? in those days, the Nederlandse Top 40 was on Saturdays and Mi Amigo/Vliegende top 50 on Sundays. Mvg, John C Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, This should be Monday 15th July 1974, as announced by Dick de Graaf on the opening of the Dutch service. Mvg, John C
  7. Beste Vincent, This should be 0500-0510 (edits 2mins), also think it is an FM recording. Mvg, John C
  8. Beste Ben, Can you or anyone explain what Fant was. I have seen it linked to Tineke. Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Juul, With all that is mentioned above, the following file appears to have the wrong date. Can you provide a correct date? 1974 07 20 Sat Veronica (538m) 0900-1017 Egbert Douwe Show, Koffietijd (Bart sitting in for Tineke).mp3 Mvg, John C
  10. I've got a recording for that date 0900-1017 with the title Egbert Douwe Show followed by Koffietijd with Bart van Leeuwen sitting in. Comments? Mvg, John C
  11. If the clip had lasted longer, it would have been Erwin van der Bliek, with Zondamiddag Live part 3. Gr., John C
  12. Beste Roel, After consulting Jan-Fre's Offshore Index, I reckon the date should be Monday 23rd November 1987. Mvg, John C Mvg, John C
  13. Dear Ian, I've listened to this and never heard any peter Pan or Saturday mentioned. I did hear Brian Anderson say that it was the School's programme on a Tuesday night. Any comments? Best wishes, John C
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