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  1. Beste Martinja, The Nederlandstalige Top 15 is the same that you posted 4th May. It should be 1974 08 25 Sun 1100-1200 by Norbert. Groetjes, John C
  2. Beste Martinja, You have made a mistake with the 2nd download, it should be 819-20061989RiaValk12001330Artistenkwis. Groetjes, John C
  3. Beste Martinja, I have a longer version of this Top 15 except I have the presenter as Norbert, can you agree? Groetjes, John C
  4. I raised this one before. Radio Monique were to share the Magda Maria with Radio Paradijs. They produced some test broadcasts in 1981. John C
  5. Beste Vincent, I think that Dave Owen parts 1 & 2 must be from 22nd August because in part 2 he says it is 0515 on Thursday morning. Groetjes, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, The DJ on this is John Harding. He says so at the end of the show before Atlantis theme. Groetjes John C
  7. Dear Martinja, On the first recording Hans ten Hooge states that this is the news for Friday 4th June 1971. Groetjes John C
  8. Martin, These are both on Zippyshare which still does not work in the U.K. Gr John C
  9. Vincent, I thought that the 24 hour International Service started after the closedown of the Flemish Service on 25th August. what are your thoughts on this. John C
  10. Beste Martin 1968, Zippyshare does not work in the U.K. John C
  11. Jan-Fre,, The upload for 15th April will not download with an mp3 suffix. All that I get is a file which can be opened with Media Player. Is it possible to re-upload with the mp3 suffix? Groetjes John Coole
  12. I thought that Dave Rodgers said it was Rodgers Ranch. Gr. John C
  13. Isn't this the same that was posted 18th March? John C
  14. Robin Westhof Expert Members 3,296 2,417 posts Report post Posted March 16 "Popular file-hosting service Zippyshare is unavailable throughout the UK. Contrary to widespread rumors, ISPs are not responsible for the 'blockade.' Instead, it appears that Zippyshare itself is actively blocking UK visitors, intentionally or not. Without any official word from the operators, the question remains; why?" https://torrentfreak.com/zippyshare-is-blocked-for-uk-visitors-but-why-190315/ 2 Groetjes, John Coole
  15. Dear Martin 1968, As before with Martinja, Zippyshare is still code 403 forbidden to UK users. Can you upload again with pixeldrain orwetransfer? Groetjes, John Coole
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