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  1. Beste Vincent, Bart has the correct date 1976 12 01, but Hans has the correct time 0902-1109. Wvg, John C
  2. Beste Martin, I think that this is the same show as on FM 6th June above. Gr, John C
  3. Dear Louis, I have this on my laptop as 1970 06 06 Sat RNI (100FM) 2232-2308 Duncan Johnson. Mvg, John C
  4. Beste Vincent, Onbekend is Tom Hardy. mvg, John C
  5. Dear Vincent, This should be 1978 09 16 Sat R Caroline (319m) 1900-1930. mvg, John C
  6. Beste Vincent, On this short clip, Tom Hardy says it is Saturday the 15th July. Wvg, John C
  7. Beste Louis, I remember visiting the Mi Amigo studios in Playa de Aro in June 1978. After taking photos of Ton Schipper and Maurice Bokkebroek, I asked Ton to do a dedication. I heard the request when listening to Offshore Radio Sounds in 2016. He did it in Keukenpret, but the record he played was called High Energy. Mvg, John C
  8. It should be Mark Lawrence. Gr, John C
  9. Hi Vincent, The above selection will not load. Mvg, John C
  10. Hi Vincent, In this download the DJ says that it is Saturday afternoon with Michael Murphy. Does that ring true? Mvg, John C
  11. Hi Vincent, After listening to your download, the only title I could glean was "Dus Koffie". Groetjes, John C
  12. As CET is 1 hour ahead of GMT, the original time should read 2000-0015. Wrg, John C
  13. This one seems to be an edition of Muziek terwijl u werkt. Mvg, John C
  14. Beste Martin, I have this recording as 1972 06 25 Sun RNI (6205kHz) 0920-0952. Mvg, John C
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