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  1. Beste Vincent, I already have this recording. The details I have for it "1975 05 06 Tue R Mi Amigo (259m) 1400-1500 Bert Bennett Show" Mvg, John C
  2. I agree, so if it was recorded 6th February, then would it be broadcast on the following Monday, i.e. 11th February. Gr, John C
  3. Beste Bert, I have just been reading "Het dagboek van de MV Mi Amigo", 6th February 1974 says that Schools' Out is recorded at a school in Haarlem, presented by Andy Archer and Dennis King. This was in Freewave magazine. Mvg, John C
  4. Beste Vincent, These are the same files as posted by Bert, i.e. 21st January Alice Cooper special. Gr, John C
  5. Beste Jan-Fre, I seem to have that file already but as 21st January. This ties up with your log for that date in Offshore Index. Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Jan-Fre, How can it be 21st February which is on a Thursday. In this recording, which you have recently uploaded, Andy says that there are now School's Out programmes on Mondays and Fridays. Something to make you think. Gr, John C
  7. Beste Vincent, I have this recording as "1974 02 18 Mon R Seagull (259m) 2100-2154 Andy Archer- Schools Programme" Mvg, John C
  8. Beste Bart, The time is correct, so it follows that 0900-0904 will be Drie om drie gouwe ouwe with Wim de Valk. Do you agree? Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Vincent, I think this should be 25th January, because after 18mins Tony Allan says that it is Burns Night and quotes a Scottish poem. Mvg, John C
  10. Een dinsdag in januari1974. Geen idee welke: 8,15,22 of 29. Het is de eerste uitzending van de LP top 20. Tijdstip: 22:07-23:00 uur Beste Jan-Fre and Vincent, I already have this along with the previous hour. It is dated Tuesday 8th January, so it must be the first LP Top 20. Mvg, John C
  11. Beste Gerard, I have this recording but it is dated Sun 13th January 1974. Also, I have a recording Same date 0010-0100 Johnny Jason which seems to match up with the start of Bob Noakes. Mvg, John C
  12. Dear Gerard, Thank you so much for sorting that out. Best wishes, John C
  13. Beste Gerard, What I am trying to say is, can you listen to that file I quoted on Azanorak and see if you can up with a date. Mvg, John C
  14. Beste Vincent, I have this file as 19740112 Sat 2059-2303 Brian Anderson. Mvg, John C
  15. Beste Jan-Fre, I seem to have arrived at a problem. I downloaded a file from the Azanorak website named "1972 02 16 RNI 2100-2342 Paul May Remastered". So if the files above are correct, then the Azanorak one must be wrong. I have listened to it but cannot find any clues to the date. Can you help? Mvg, John C
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