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  1. Beste Martinja, Going by Jan-fre's Index, the date for this is Monday 15th March 1971, but it is an extension of the entry in the Index. Mvg, John C
  2. Beste Bertus, 1963 01 00 is the date shown in Jan-Fre's index. From a Jack to a King was re-released in December 1962. Mvg, John C
  3. Beste Roel, These two records are the same. Also, at 31.55 it breaks off with Monique news with Dick Verheul, then returns to Caroline 558 with Caroline international newsbefore the Paul Graham show. Mvg, John C
  4. Beste Jan-Fre, Can you explain what Dof means? Mvg, John C
  5. Beste Martinja, The date for this is Monday 3rd March 1969. Mvg, John C
  6. Beste Lokeend, According to Media Pages' Geschiedenis van de Zeezenders, Will Luikinga started at Veronica in August 1969. Mvg, John C
  7. Beste Jan-Fre, Thank you so much for a large broadcasting day. Back in the 70's I really enjoyed listening through the night and looking forward to the Dutch service opening. Mvg, John C
  8. Beste Gerard, According to Freewave Magazine in "Het daboek van Radio Veronica", The entry for 1st May 1970, says that Will Luikinga begins on Friday , Saturday and Sunday nights the programme Nachtklup between 2 and 6 hours under the name Will Weyman. Does this enlighten you some? Mvg, John C
  9. Beste Martinja, I have gleaned the dates from Jan-Fre's Index: Robbie Dale 1969 07 20 Sunday Muziek uit zee 1964 09 07 Monday Ook Goeie Morgen 1965 12 31 Friday Radio Drama 1970 06 23 Tuesday Several of these are verified by the DJ's Mvg, John C
  10. Beste Roel, I have these listed as "Poptiek de laatste keer", at the end of part 2 Maarten says his goodbyes. Mvg, John C
  11. Hi Rob, Do you have any of these to post? Mvg, John C
  12. Beste Ben, Thanks very much for posting these. I only had parts 13-20 (1800-0200 on 29th February). I look forward to the coming hours. Mvg, John C
  13. Beste gerard and Eric , Yes the date is correct Simon says the date and the time is 2330-0103 on a Sunday. According to Pirate Radio Hall of Fame Simon only began on Caroline on 20th August for 6 weeks. Mvg, John C
  14. Can anyone tell me when Caroline Overdrive finished? The last recording I have is 3rd January 1987 and I wondered if anyone has any recordings after this date. John C
  15. Dear Eric, This is the final day of Radio 270. Mvg, John C
  16. Beste Gerard, You're quite right, I have Carl hosting 2300-0100 on the 21st. On this 2nd recording, he says the time is 12 midnight, then later corrects himself that it was 0100 and that he usually does 2300-0100. Mvg, John C
  17. Beste Martinja, I think this begins at 0755 with Pause for thought, then Johnnie Walker's show starts at 0800 until 0852. Mvg, John C
  18. Did Lex Harding use his real name when he was on Radio 227? John C
  19. Beste Marine broadcasters, Date of this recording is Friday 14th April 1967 0000-0600 (edits 166mins) Mvg, John C
  20. Beste Jan-Fre, I have the programmes as: 0630-0900 Ochendeditie 0900-1000 Espresso 1000-1200 Doorsnee Noordzee 1200-1400 Berk in uitvoering 1400-1600 Hou Maat 1600-1800 Driemaster 1800-1900 Buitengaats. Am I correct? Mvg, John C
  21. Beste Ben, This is not Stan Haag Vandaag, it is Nonstop as shown in Jan-Fre's Index for this date and time. Mvg, John C
  22. Beste Piet, Most definitely not. Please see 60's DJ directory in Offshore Radio'S Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Mvg, John C
  23. Beste Roel, Is this Lunchtijd 1200-1230, then Keyser Top 3 with Ronald van der Meijden. Mvg, John C
  24. Beste Ben, I have the first aflevering of Hitbewust as Sunday 28th July 1974 1700-1800 with Lex Harding. Mvg, John C
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