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Radio Caroline - 02-10-1989 - 0800-0900 - Dave Asher

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What can I say except best radio station ever. Here we have a 29-year-old recording that still sounds fresh and brilliant. Owners of licenced radio stations in the UK should be locked in a room and be forced to listen to Caroline 558, to hear how a proper radio station

should sound, because, by the sounds of things, owners of legal UK stations do not have a clue about radio. They don't care that they keep repeating the same songs over and over. I gave up listening to UK legal stations a long time ago due to the same songs being played, too many commercial breaks and rubbish DJs. These stations don't even have proper jingles anymore.  Maybe it's the same in the Netherlands, maybe not. What I want to say is thank you to everybody on this site for making available great radio recordings for myself, and others, to enjoy listening to. It is especially nice to hear the Caroline 558 stuff, reliving those happy memories of proper radio from the North Sea.

Thanks for this recording, Vincent.

If you're out there Bellatrix: Bonjour!

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Thanks Vincent

And hello to Drumbeat.

Indeed, this 's real free radio from the NorthSea, the real Radio Caroline !!

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