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  1. Luxembourg-19710811-2050-2150-MarkWesley-BobStewart-MarkWesleyShow-BobStewartShow Luxembourg-19710811-2152-2252-BobStewart-BobStewartShow
  2. Luxembourg-19700103-1903-2010-PeePee-TonyPrince-Edits-59min Luxembourg-19700103-2000-2200-TonyPrince-BobStewart-TonyPrinceShow-BobStewartShow-Edits-59min Power Play: The 5th Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues.
  3. Luxembourg-19680903-0021-0234-RogerDay-RogerDayShow-Edits-90min Een studio opname met edits. Paul Burnett leest om 0200 het nieuws.
  4. Luxembourg-19720901-1850-1955-PeterKoelewijn-Onbekend-MarkWesley-LuxemburgTop25-AquiItalia-MarkWesleyShow Luxembourg-19720901-1945-2045-MarkWesley-MarkWesleyShow Luxembourg-19720901-2245-2345-MarkWesley-BobStewart-MarkWesleyShow-BobStewartShow 1850 Peter Koelewijn, 1930 Aqui Italia, 1945 Mark Wesley, 2245 Mark Wesley, 2300 Bob Stewart. Mark Wesley gaf aan dat Aqui Italia deze dag voor het eerst was te horen op de 208. ower Play: The Pearls - You Came, You Saw, You Conquered. Oude Power Play: Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes.
  5. Luxembourg-19721120-2319-0019-PaulBurnett-PaulBurnettShow Power Play: Jacky Tayler - Tell the Truth Now.
  6. Luxembourg-19721112-1825-1851-TonyPrince-TonyPrinceShow Luxembourg-19721112-2045-2145-MarkWesley-DaveChristian-MarkWesleyShow-DaveChristianShow Luxembourg-19721112-2340-0040-PaulBurnett-PaulBurnettShow] Luxembourg-19721113-0040-0140-PaulBurnett-KidJensen-PaulBurnettShow-Dimensions Power Play: America: Venture Highway
  7. Luxembourg-19721107-1910-2048-TonyPrince-MarkWesley-TonyPrinceShow-MarkWesleyShow
  8. Van de eerste twee opnames is de datum niet zeker. Is wel uit deze week omdat America met Venture Highway de Power Play was in die week. Luxembourg-19721031-TonyPrince-TonyPrinceShow-8min Luxembourg-19721031-2114-2132-DaveChristian-DaveChristianShow Luxembourg-19721117-1930-2012-TonyPrince-TonyPrinceShow Luxembourg-19721119-1856-1915-PeterKoelewijn-LuxembourgTop25 https://radiopedia.nl/wiki/Radio_Luxemburg_Top_25_(NL)_van_19_november_1972
  9. 2037-2130 Tony Prince - Tony Prince show 2130-2300 Paul Burnett - Luxembourg Top 30 2300-2400 Dave Christian Power Play: Geordie - Don't Do That. De top 30: https://radiopedia.nl/wiki/Radio_Luxemburg_Top_30_(UK)_van_10_oktober_1972 Weet iemand wat de openingstune is van Dave Chrstian? Luxembourg-19721010-2027-2100-TonyPrince-TonyPrinceShow Luxembourg-19721010-2100-2200-TonyPrince-PaulBurnett-TonyPrinceShow-LuxembourgTop30 Luxembourg-19721010-2200-2300-PaulBurnett-LuxembourgTop30 Luxembourg-19721010-2300-2400-DaveChristian-DaveChristianShow
  10. Luxembourg-19720930-1927-2127-MikeVerdrengh-Onbekend-TonyPrince-Mike&ZakiShow-AquiItalia-ElvisPresleyShow Luxembourg-19720930-2130-2330-MarkWesley-TonyPrince-ElvisPresleyShow Luxembourg-19720930-2330-0130-TonyPrince-DaveChristian-ElvisPresleyShow
  11. Luxembourg-19720901-0115-0300-Rosco Weet iemand welke twee platen er nog gedraaid worden na het nieuws van 0300 uur?
  12. Luxembourg-19710327-1930-2005-DavidAnthony-DavidAnthonyShow-Edit Luxembourg-19710801-0232-0303-KidJensen-Dimensions Luxembourg-19710815-2100-2200-BobStewart-BobStewartShow Luxembourg-19710815-2200-2300-BobStewart-BobStewartShow
  13. Luxembourg-19710527-2345-0044-MarkWesley-MarkWesleyShow Nieuws middernacht Mark Wesley. Power Play: Atomic Rooster - Stand by Me.
  14. Luxembourg-19710524-2141-2240-DaveChristian-PaulBurnett-DaveChristianShow-PaulBurnettShow 2141-2200 Dave Christian, 2200 2241 Paul Burnett. 2200-0100 Paul Burnett, 0100 Mark Wesley die invalt voor Kid Jensen. Nieuws 2200 Dave Christian. Power Play: Atomic Rooster - Stand by Me.
  15. Luxembourg-19710528-2144-2243-PaulBurnett-PaulBurnettShow Nieuws 2200 Paul Burnett. Om 2300 Mark Wesley.
  16. Luxembourg-19710116-2120-2219-PaulBurnett-PaulBurtnettShow 208 hitpick: The Chambers Brothers - Funky. Oude Kid Jensen hitpick: Bill & Buster - Hold on to What You've Got. Power Play: Luv Machine - Witches Wand. Nieuws 2200 Paul Burnett. Dave Christian hitpick: 100 Proof - Somebody's Been Sleeping. Paul Burnett hitpick: Johnny Nash - Falling in and Out of Love. 208 hitpick of the month: The Supremes – Stoned Love.
  17. Luxembourg-19700404-KidJensen-BobStewart-DaveChristian-Edits-120min Opening om 1930, bedankt Peepee voor zijn programma. Voormalige Dave Christian hitpick: Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself. 208 hitpick: Almond Marzipan - Open up Your Heart. Power Play: Montanas - Let's Get a Little Sentimental. Oude hitpick Tony Prince: Lincoln Black – Famous Last Words. Oude Bob Stewart hitpick: Clodagh Rodgers – Everybody Go Home the Party's Over. Oude Tony Prince hitpick: Richard Barnes - Take To the Mountains. Dave Christian hitpick: B.J. Thomas - Everybody's Out of Town.
  18. Luxembourg-19700711-1930-2300-DaveChristian-BobStewart--DaveChristianShow-BobStewartShow-Edits-76min Edits. 1930-2130 Dave Christian, 2130 Bob Stewart. Hitpick van Dave Christian: Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon - Sweet Inspiration. Hitpick van Paul Burnett: Ray Morgan - Long And Winding Road. Hitpick van Tony Prince: The New Seekers - Look What They've Don to My Song, Ma. Power Play: Miguel Rois - Song Of Joy.
  19. Luxembourg-19691208-2024-2124-KidJensen-BobStewart-KidJensenShow-TonyPrinceShow 2024 Kid Jensen - Kid Jensen show / 2100 Bob Stewart - Tony Prince show. Bob Stewart valt in voor Tony Prince. Voormalige Bob Stewart hitpick: Mayfield's Mule - Drinking My Moonshine. Voormalige Paul Burnett hitpick: Jefferson - Love and the World Loves With You. 208 Hitpick deze week: Steve Tracey - She's Gone. Voormalige Kid Jensen hitpick: Marmalade - Reflections of My Life.
  20. Luxembourg-19700314-2117-2216-TonyPrince-BobStewart-TonyPrinceShow-BobStewartShow 2117-2130 Tony Prince, 2130-2216 Bob Stewart. Nieuws 2200 Bob Stewart. 208 hitpick: Tommy Roe - Stir It up and Serve it. Power Play: The Beatles - Let It Be.
  21. Luxembourg-19700103-TonyPrince-BobStewart-TonyPrinceShow-BobStewartShow-Edits-59min Rond 39:40 wordt een Power Play gestart, weet iemand welke plaat dit is?
  22. Luxembourg-19830119-1930-2033-RobJones-BeatleBonanza 19:30 Rob Jones, Beatles Bonanza, muziekprogramma met telefonische verzoekjes van luisteraars voor muziek van The Beatles en bandleden. 20:30 Rob Jones, start Rock & Pop Club.
  23. Looked through the posts on this forum and did not find this audio material from Radio Luxembourg International on 208m : - Mike Verdrengh - 19830218 (31.20) https://www.mediafire.com/file/xg96prpept73w6d/ :)
  24. Luxembourg-19830515-0054-0300-MikeHollis-MidnightMemories-Earthlink-LoveSongs FM opname. 0054-0100 Midnight Memories, 0100-0200 Earth Link, 0200-0300 Love Songs. Power Play: Hot Chocolate - What Kinda Boy You Lookin' For (Girl). Mike Hollis: 'Een van de drie Power Play's deze week'. Power Play: Blue Zoo - (I Just Can't) Forgive and Forget. Na 1 uur 56 minuten slecht ontvangst. Zendersluiting door Bob Stewart om 0300.
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