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  1. RNI-19710306-1000-1100-JanVanVeen-JoostDenDraaier https://pixeldrain.com/u/s9TbizD9 RNI-19710306-1100-1200-JanVanVeen-JoostDenDraaier https://pixeldrain.com/u/586JhKMQ RNI-19710306-1200-1312-JoostDenDraaier-top50 https://pixeldrain.com/u/a1U5HLWK
  2. Werner Müller Orchestra – Trumpet blues/Take the ‘A’ train. Beide nummers zijn ontzettend vaak op de plaat gezet door tal van orkesten. Werner Müller nam deze nummers al in de jaren vijftig op in mono op Polydor. Maar de versies die werden gebruikt voor een promospot ten bate van de RNI Goes DX programma’s van AJ Beirens waren afkomstig van de lp ‘The Very Best Of Werner Müller & His Orchestra’, welke in 1972 in Engeland werd uitgebracht. Het was Tony Allan die op de intro van ‘Trumpet Blues’ de woorden: ‘We present AJ Beirens. AJ Beirens? Never heard of him’ sprak waarna het nummer ‘Take the ‘A’ train werd ingezet voor een liedje over het programma van AJ Beirens op RNI. Werner Müller Orchestra - Trumpet blues/Take the 'A' train. Both songs have been recorded many times by numerous orchestras. Werner Müller recorded these songs already in the fifties in mono on Polydor. But the versions used for a promo spot for the RNI Goes DX programmes of AJ Beirens came from the album 'The Very Best Of Werner Müller & His Orchestra', released in 1972 in England. It was Tony Allan who on the intro of 'Trumpet Blues' said: 'We present AJ Beirens. AJ Beirens? Never heard of him' after which the song 'Take the 'A' train' was used for a song about AJ Beirens' programme on RNI. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=1fe7efe9-1543-4be2-a524-46a8b37e3ec1 Trumpet Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTUvDaVrkBk Take the ‘A’Train
  3. String A Longs - Wheels. This song is already listed and can be added too. Wheels was the first song the String A Longs recorded in 1960 and this instrumental song immediately reached the number 3 position in the American Top 100. The group was from Plainview, Texas and was produced by Norman Petty. In May 1974 it was a filler to the top of the hour in 'AJ on Sunday' on RNI. In Holland 'Wheels' was recorded by The Jumping Jewels, who also scored a hit with it. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=3ac63c68-72af-4a46-a33f-a0eb788acec6
  4. RNI NSGDX with AJ Beirens and André Lasale with DX News and playing the RNI Muziek Express record. 1974 05 05 9-10 GMT 60 min studio. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=ffb499b6-b708-49bb-9a89-e6ff01be42de
  5. RNI AJ On Sunday 10-11 GMT 1974 05 05 Jim Reeves Special studio 60 min https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=c4024003-e16d-4ed7-9d79-0398a0a3d1f0
  6. RNI NSGDX 1973 04 01 6205 khz studiotape 09.00-10.00 GMT. AJ Beirens DX News, Mailbag, Big l Story in French 60 min https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=567eaac5-f07e-4ced-94f6-25a905e47f4f
  7. RNI World in Action Around the world special 18.00-19.00 GMT with AJ Beirens. Several subjects including Norway helping Upper Volta with radio set up, Russian scientists discover ancient town and youth reading habbits 1973 04 29 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=8592d793-1637-430c-833e-8bf3cf74696e
  8. AB CC010A NSGDX 1973 05 06 with AJ Beirens and Pierre Deseyn including DX News and Mailbox and TV dxing. Special letter from Queen Fabiola to RNI and new studio in Belgium. 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=4e8ca26c-8077-4c85-87a2-bf458fe84d13
  9. Cleaned by Oldies 45 RNI-19711023-1300-1400-(FM)-JoostdenDraaier-Top50 https://pixeldrain.com/u/XHC28nHQ RNI-19711023-1400-1459-(FM)-JoostdenDraaier-Top50 https://pixeldrain.com/u/gShwyJJW RNI-19711024-1123-1332-TonyBerk-JoostDenDraaier-FerryMaat https://pixeldrain.com/u/f8C5cxXS
  10. another recording from the AJ Beirens Heritage: RNI AJ on Sunday Christmas period 1973 date unknown Special Josep and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat from Andre Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=cccd3f35-c98d-4418-abef-1fbea00ed666
  11. RNI AJ Beirens Tribute to Unicef Children in need 60 min 1972 12 27 00.00 – 01.00 Playing a lot of children related songs 60 min studio. transmitted on AM FM and SW https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=07813ed0-421a-4025-a630-f7afd778c281
  12. Today's recording from the AJ Beirens Heritage: NSGDX ajb 1973 10 21 9-10gmt studio 60 mij DX News, Mail Box and first time AJ Offshore Diary https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=6ca02570-bc64-4bc7-af51-1feb850fb911
  13. RNI-1972 12 26-1800-2000-Gerard Smit https://pixeldrain.com/u/BUH9gHxL
  14. Chickles – Lalala. Nee het gaat hier niet om een soort kauwgum genaamd Chickles, ook niet om André van Duin die ‘lalala’ zingt en ook niet de Spaanse zangeres Massiel, die ooit met die titel het songfestival won. Het gaat om een Franse groep die in 1972 een gelijknamige lp opnam met instrumentale muziek. Deze ‘Lalala’ werd gebruikt op RNI door Pierre Deseyn toen hij de openingsspot richting het programma ‘Our World in Action’, dat op zondagen via de 6205 kHz op RNI was te beluisteren, insprak. Uiteraard was het programma in presentatie van AJ Beirens. De komende zomermaanden zal dit item aanzienlijk minder vaak voorbij komen Chickles - Lalala. No, this is not a kind of chewing gum called Chickles, nor André van Duin singing 'lalala', nor the Spanish singer Massiel, who once won the song festival with that title. It is about a French group that recorded an album with the same name in 1972 with instrumental music. This 'Lalala' was used on RNI by Pierre Deseyn when he recorded the opening spot for the programme 'Our World in Action', which could be heard on RNI on 6205 kHz on Sundays. Of course the programme was presented by AJ Beirens. In the coming summer months this item will be heard much less often https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=19f011b4-7f2e-4e38-8af0-2d5070c91e9d
  15. Tuesday June 29th RNI AJ on Sunday NSGDX with Dxnews,mailbox, return Atlantis and Ghoststory Mike Ross 1974 02 03 9-10 GMT 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=a5f6d56a-01f2-4bdb-8634-40fd0a1becba
  16. Op verzoek ook verkrijgbaar in een mp3 versie via een PB.
  17. Neasden Connection - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1. Uiteraard hebben we te maken met een compositie van de Rus Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski. Er zijn tal van bewerkingen waaronder die van de uit noord London afkomstige formatie Neasden Connection die het op Horse label in 1972 opnamen. Het was in maart 1973 dat Pierre Deseyn het gebruikte om een promo voor een eigen programma in te spreken namelijk voor het allereerste DX programma dat hij op 22 april op RNI via de 6205 kHz zou gaan presenteren. Neasden Connection - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1. This is, of course, a composition by the Russian Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky. There are numerous adaptations, including one by the North London formation Neasden Connection who recorded it on Horse label in 1972. It was in March 1973 that Pierre Deseyn used it to record a promo for his own programme, the very first DX programme he would present on 22 April on 6205 kHz. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=066be023-1db4-4706-b466-7f724986391d
  18. For this Sunday another recording from the AJ Beirens Heritage rni our world in action aj beirens1973 03 25 14-15 gmt television around the world, unesco items and Bach beethoven and water 64 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=c1f0c19f-44aa-4aa6-8150-1eb4e5fc1295
  19. From the AJ Beirens Heritage for this Saturday June 26th: rni our world in action 1973 04 01 aj beirens people everywhere unesco specials including distribution transistor radios around the world 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=171295c2-e697-419b-92fd-97feec25a1a6
  20. The AJ Beirens Heritage recording for June 25th. RNI 1973 08 12 9-10 GMT NSGDX AJ Beirens. DX News, Mailbag and special RNI Double lp Pirate Radio News. studio 60 min. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=421dd3b7-e82a-400a-9845-a61318e45bae
  21. recording for June 24th from the AJ Beirens Heritage in the SMC Archive: RNI Our World in Action AJ Beirens 1973 08 12 Special part 2 Fiddler on the Roof and Unicef promo 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=939f9591-96f4-4e04-a64b-6f0c4bf7ecba
  22. The recording for today from the AJ Beirens Heritage in the SMC Archive is a RNI Our world in action 1974 02 10 Tamla music and Alice Cooper interview with Mike S Anderson 10-11 GMT 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=d70153f2-1b96-47e2-8427-be4817d09f7f
  23. The recording for today: RNI NSGDX 1974 02 10 9-10 GMT AJ Beirens and André La Salle with DX news (andy archer) BBC Story of pop part of the Ship to shore chapter 60 min studio https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=a443a846-abdc-4deb-8303-ec1994aab25f
  24. For this AJ on Sunday the following recordings from the AJB Heritage in the SMC Archive and available till July 10th. Enjoy! RNI 1974 01 13 Our World in Action with AJ Beirens and Motown and Soul Special 10-11 GMT 60 min studio RNI 1974 01 13 NSGDX A.J. Beirens 9-10 GMT 60 min studio DX special, letters and revive 45’s. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=34070348-88e4-496d-aa3d-6948d113ef29
  25. There are many more studio recordings to share from the AJ Beirens Heritage like these two ones. RNI Our world in action AJ Beirens 1974 02 74 Harry Belafonte Special 10-11 GMT studio recording RNI Our world in action AJ Beirens 1974 03 03 10-11 GMT Movie Music special 60 min studio recording https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=40fc54f2-5a80-4a2d-9ef2-014c5a1c737f
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