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Found 8 results

  1. Radio London - 19661227 - xxxx-xxxx - Tommy Vance - London Fab 40 https://pixeldrain.com/u/XLKpaA1W
  2. Count Basie and his Orchestra – The kid from the red bank. Er is al een vermelding in de discografie en dus kan worden toegevoegd: Dit nummer uit 1958 werd in 1959 in de categorie ‘Jazz Performances and Dance Bands’ een Grammy Award. Het was trouwens de eerste keer dat de Grammy’s werden uitgereikt. Op Radio London maakte Kenny Everett in 1965 een prachtige promo waarin ondermeer: ‘Radio London is proud to present the new Fabulous Forty’. Count Basie and his Orchestra - The kid from the red bank. There is already a mention in the discography and so can be added: This song from 1958 won a Grammy Award in 1959 in the category 'Jazz Performances and Dance Bands'. By the way, it was the first time that the Grammy's were awarded. On Radio London Kenny Everett made a beautiful promo in 1965 which included: 'Radio London is proud to present the new Fabulous Forty'. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=96facf3e-2bcd-40ec-8fd4-e92754acd451 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEUBwiezayE
  3. London26061965TonyWindsor https://pixeldra.in/u/Uy-SQn London29081965DuncanJohnson14361533BrightShow-Fab40 https://pixeldra.in/u/IU1n1u
  4. Van de Golden Radio NL server, met dank aan Jean-Pierre Legein Radio London - 19670806 - 1315-1515 - Tommy Vance - London Fab 40 https://pixeldra.in/u/O0Sscb
  5. 12080112001300BudBalouFab40 https://pixeldra.in/u/QIffje 12080113001400BudBalouFab40 https://pixeldra.in/u/Lg1vTq 12080114001500BudBalouFab40 https://pixeldra.in/u/RNA1KF
  6. Radio London - Big-L-060867-Fab-40-1
  7. Van de Golden Radio NL server Final Fab 40, tommy Vance 6.8.67 Hr 1 https://pixeldra.in/u/N2zakG
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