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amerikaanse radio

hans knot

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hier maar weer een serie Amerikaantjes

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/16b6f2e98534322e

filename: AFN_1-12-74_Wolfman_jack_on_AFN_23'12.mp3

filesize: 10.6MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/8b6761e4d3832933

filename: AFN_Rota_Rock_Revisited_1976_Aircheck.mp3

filesize: 6.2MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/da021e40c7acbd93

filename: WGN_1972_04_04_3'30-4'00pm.mp3

filesize: 53.7MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/83cf274fcc6afc50

filename: AFVN_1969_04_19.mp3

filesize: 27.7MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/18657488f699e4e8

filename: AFVN_1969_04_00.mp3

filesize: 27.7MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/51cb7ca7425c6f0d

filename: WKYC_1968_Cleveland_RadioPow.mp3

filesize: 25.6MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/385b3a2662def7a2

filename: WKYC_1968_00_00__Cleveld_ChuckDan.mp3

filesize: 41.2MB

available until: 2013-12-05

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/c9a6cb4f26897f96



filesize: 27.6MB

available until: 2013-12-03

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/a01dfab194eb1d67

filename: WKYC_Cleveld_1967_00_00_JArmstron.mp3

filesize: 46.1MB

available until: 2013-12-03

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/5a552e1aa609e45a

filename: syndicated_Wolfman_Jack_1972_02_00.mp3

filesize: 137.3MB

available until: 2013-12-03

url : http://bars.rug.nl/download/b6a81d2693d167eb

filename: KLIF_Dallas_16_10_70_John_Butler.MP3

filesize: 81.8MB

available until: 2013-12-03

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