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  1. Caroline 558 kHz - 20011986 - 0755-0855 - Kevin Turner http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/gBaojgVD/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 22031986 - 2100-2200 - Tony Peters On Friday http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/3GlezgbD/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 22071986 - 2100-2200 UKtime - Jamie King On Tuesday http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/rbzLnn1L/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 23021986 - 1703-1803 - Mark Matthews On Sunday http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/N5pNGpA0/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 24121985 - 2330-0030 - Tom Anderson http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/ljfkKp17/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 25121985 - 1203-1405 - Peter Phillips And John Ford http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/XgACYdYz/file.html Caroline 558 kHz - 26041986 - 1821-1921 UKtime - Ian Akers On Saturday http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/Vzzj06qj/file.html
  2. Cleaned by Oldies 45 Caroline-19790722-1400-1600-JVisser-RvdElst-MJacobs-Zondagmiddagmatinee-BoardRecording https://pixeldrain.com/u/NTJaWonx
  3. Conquistador – Aqua. Conquistador was een gelegenheidstrio van studiomuzikanten, die verantwoordelijk was voor het inspelen van de herkenningstune van het WK voetbal in Argentinië. Het nummer Aqua kwam in 1979 uit en werd gecomponeerd door het duo Janschen en Janschens, dat pseudoniemen waren voor Hans van Hemert en Piet Souer. Op Radio Caroline werd in de zomer van 1979 Aqua ingezet als filler op weg naar het hele uur en wel door Ad Roberts. Conquistador - Aqua. Conquistador was an occasional trio of studio musicians, responsible for playing the recognition tune of the World Cup in Argentina. The song Aqua was released in 1979 and was composed by the duo Janschen and Janschens, which were pseudonyms for Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer. On Radio Caroline in the summer of 1979 Aqua was used as a filler on the way to the hour by Ad Roberts. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=43efd649-9e50-4e1e-a490-ec3ebfd85afd
  4. From the AJ heritage here a spoken letter made by Andy Archer to the guys on the Mebo II before Christmas 1973 and part of an Atlantis Studiotape https://pixeldrain.com/u/6kZ7DkaQ
  5. Now Great news as Norman Barrington wrote: As many of you will probably know, I have a rather large archive of jingles, and having worked on Caroline in the 1970s have an extensive collection of Caroline related material. In October 2020, Ray Anderson of Jumbo Records & EAP fame approached me with the idea of combining our collections to make a spectacular collection of Caroline Jingles, Commercials, Production and Themes. In other words the material that made Caroline sound the way it did. I started a long overdue organising my own collection and also called in items from former DJs, colleagues and friends, even some original jingle producers. The names of everyone that helped are on the back cover, much appreciated. We decided to include everything possible from both North & South ships, the Dutch era and the Ross Revenge. We also thought we should include other names associated with the ships, namely Atlantis, Radio Mi Amigo, Radio Seagull and Radio Monique. The entire story in sound from 1964-1990 at sea. I started out with the Jimmy Smith, Madeline Bell & Doris Troy package which I had on a master tape from Chesterfield Gardens, not only super quality but you may hear cuts you have not heard before, followed by the short ‘Sound-a-like’ mini set which I am convinced is the Barron Knights though I could be wrong “If you listen it sounds like Caroline”. Next “Proof of Purchase shows” like Caroline Cash Casino and Partners in Profit featuring Colin Berry amongst others. Loads of classic commercials from Caroline North and South too. The there is the clever editing of other stations’ mostly American made jingles, although ‘borrowed’ those jingles truly became their own. Caroline became “The Station with the Happy Difference”. The ingenuity of certain DJs with razor blades in hand, together with great imagination, is breathtaking. From the likes of Robbie Dale and Don Allen in the 1960’s to Steve England, Brian Anderson and – ahem – yours truly, in the 1970’s resulted in Caroline having the greatest repertoire of jingles & production to be heard anywhere, more in fact than all the other pirates put together. After all the US DJ’s of 1967-68 and the guys from Radio England brought all their station’s collection to Caroline too. Little did I know then that it would require FIVE full CDs to capture all the magic of the world’s most famous Pirate Radio Station. As you can tell this was a labour of love for me, and I like the idea of sharing with others these pieces of radio history. Plus I have finally sorted my own collection into some semblance of order! Well five months later it is NOW AVAILABLE complete with 32 page colour booklet. Whether it’s the 60’s, the 70’s, or 80’s that you remember, you can relive those four decades once again with this uniquely comprehensive Radio Caroline Platinum Jingle Collection. For more details and ordering please visit Ray’s “RadioFab” site at http://www.radiofab.com/itemdetails.php?quicksearch=radio caroline platinum&recordid=185 Here are the full contents with introduction: Radio Caroline Platinum Jingles Collection - 5 CD & 32 Page Collector's Set Over 1000 jingles appear on the most comprehensive 5 CD Collector's set of Radio Caroline Jingles. Over 6 hours of recordings, Jingles, Promos, Themes and Original Programme Material. All recordings have been re-mastered, digitised and improved using original master tapes. A 32 page colour booklet is included. The 5 CD Box Set has painstakingly been put together from the large archives of Norman Barrington & Ray Anderson combined, with additional material from former DJs, original jingle producers, friends & colleagues, and thus it forms the most comprehensive and historical memorabilia in sound from the World's most famous offshore radio station - Radio Caroline. Track Listing (I should warn you that due to Ray's sense of humour he has named the five CARTS 1 to 5 rather than CDs 1- 5 but do not worry you will not need a Spotmaster! CART 1 Sounds fine it’s Caroline TRACK 1 ‘Sound of the Nation’ Jingle Session - Jimmy Smith, Madeline Bell and Doris Troy - 1966 TRACK 2 ‘The Soundalikes’ - Beatles, Kinks, Stones, Searchers, Spencer Davis plus Roy Hastings - 1965 - 1966 TRACK 3 Caroline North & South First Birthday Greetings - 1965 TRACK 4 Radio Caroline South Commercials - 1964 - 1966 TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North Commercials - 1964 - 1968 TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North & South News & Weather Sequences - 1964 - 1968 CART 2 The Station with the Happy Difference TRACK 1 Radio Caroline Weather Sonovox Pre-Records PAMS Series 32 TRACK 2 Radio Caroline South Production - 1965 - 1967 TRACK 3 Radio Caroline North Jingles Production & DJ Idents TRACK 4 Radio Caroline North Production Pre-Records from PAMS Series 25 TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North Xmas Cuts - 1967 TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North - Generic non PAMS Jingles TRACK 7 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS SRE & from Series 14, 16, 22, 24 (WFUN & WPTR) TRACK 8 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS Series 25B Demos TRACK 9 Radio Caroline South - PAMS Series 26B Demos TRACK 10 Radio Caroline North - Don Allen - PAMS Series 26A Demos (WXYZ) TRACK 11 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS Series 27 taken from Swinging Radio England TRACK 12 Radio Caroline North & South - Edits from PAMS Series 28 Demos TRACK 13 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS Series 29 Demos TRACK 14 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS Series 31 North & South ship versions TRACK 15 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS Series 32A Demos TRACK 16 Radio Caroline North & South - PAMS & GWINSOUND (WOLF, WNDR & WNOK versions) - 1967 - 1968 TRACK 17 Radio Caroline North & South - Hitpickers Top Ten Countdown & American Hot 100. PAMS Series 32A CART 3 Bubbling over with Funn! TRACK 1 Radio Caroline South - DJ Idents TRACK 2 Radio Caroline South - DJ Idents with Opening Themes TRACK 3 Radio Caroline South - Generic PAMS Series 26B Jingles (WABC) TRACK 4 Radio Caroline South - Generic PAMS Series 28 Jingles TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North & South - Pre-Records PAMS Series 30 Jingles TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North & South - Pre-Records PAMS Series 31 Jingles TRACK 7 Radio Caroline North & South - Pre-Records PAMS Series 32A Jingles TRACK 8 Radio Caroline North & South - Pre-Records PAMS Series 33A Jingles TRACK 9 Radio Caroline North & South - Generic non PAMS Jingles TRACK 10 Radio Caroline North & South - “Marine Offences Act” Promos - 1967 TRACK 11 Radio Caroline North & South - Commercials from August 1967 - 1968 (Unpaid) TRACK 12 We Shall Overcome - Pete Seeger (Caroline edit) Seeger - Public Domain TRACK 13 Radio Caroline South - “Man’s Fight For Freedom” - Johnnie Walker TRACK 14 C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E - Roy Hastings Garrick-Jackson - Palace Music TRACK 15 ‘Round Midnight - Jimmy McGriff Thelonius Monk - Advanced Music TRACK 16 We Love The Pirate Stations - The Roaring 60s Carter/Stephens/Kennedy - Carter-Lewis Music TRACK 17 Radio Caroline International - Ronan O’Rahilly’s “Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Wilson” - 1970 TRACK 18 Radio Caroline North & South - Bonus Track - Production Outtakes. CART 4 This is The New Radio Caroline TRACK 1 Radio Caroline - Ken Justiss Custom Sonovox Jingles - 1972 TRACK 2 Radio Caroline - Steve England Sonovox Jingles - 1972 - 1973 TRACK 3 Radio Caroline - Steve England Sonovox DJ Jingles - 1972 - 1973 TRACK 4 Radio Caroline - DJ Graham Gill Show Opener - “Way Back Home” - 1973 Felder - Carlin Music Corp TRACK 5 Radio Caroline Commercials - 1972 - 1974 TRACK 6 Radio Caroline - Norman Barrington Produced Production & Edits - 1973 - 1974 TRACK 7 Radio Atlantis - Original Jingles - The Most Eccentric Package ever? TRACK 8 Radio Caroline - Norman Barrington Produced Mike Hagler Cuts - 1974 TRACK 9 Radio Caroline - Brian Anderson Produced Mike Hagler Cuts - 1974 TRACK 10 Radio Mi Amigo - Start Studios Jingles - 1973 TRACK 11 Radio Mi Amigo - Brian Anderson Produced Production & Edits - 1974 TRACK 12 Radio Mi Amigo - Norman Barrington Produced Production & Edits - 1973 - 1974 TRACK 13 Radio Mi Amigo - Norman Barrington Produced English DJ Idents - 1973 - 1974 TRACK 14 Radio Mi Amigo - Commercials from October 1973 - 1974 CART 5 Climb Aboard The Love Ship TRACK 1 Radio Caroline - Tony Allan Xmas 1974 & Loving Awareness Promotions etc., TRACK 2 Radio Caroline - Alfasound 319 Jingles TRACK 3 Radio Caroline - CPMG PAMS Resings TRACK 4 Radio Caroline - Steve Kent produced Jingles - 1976 TRACK 5 Radio Caroline - Bill Mitchell Voice Overs and 1980s Jingles TRACK 6 Radio Caroline - The Blockheads Jingle Session - 1982 TRACK 7 Radio Caroline - East Anglian Productions produced Jingles with Eve Graham TRACK 8 Radio Caroline - John Quincy Idents - 1984 TRACK 9 Radio Caroline - Dutch Produced Jingles TRACK 10 Radio Monique - Top Format Produced Jingles plus Commercials TRACK 11 Radio Caroline - Mike Hagler Idents - 1984 TRACK 12 Radio Caroline - Alfasound Jingles - 1986 TRACK 13 Radio Caroline - Voice Promos & Commercials TRACK 14 Goodbye Caroline - The One Shots Brunning - Caesar Music Ltd TRACK 15 Caroline - The Fortunes Hiller/Ford - R. F. Wood... Thanks a lot Norman for introducing this product. I had the luck to get an early preview and on the day I received the set, I heard the first 4 items on cd1 and, although I collected jingles for many decades too, I must admit this is a top production with a lot of material I never heard before and above that top quality. So a big compliment to Norman, Ray, Paul Graham and others involved. When ordering you will be as happy as I am having this marvelous collection. http://www.radiofab.com/itemdetails.php?quicksearch=radio caroline platinum&recordid=185
  6. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band – Long song comin’. Dit nummer is afkomstig van de lp ‘Seven’ van Bob Seger, die uitkwam in 1974. Maar het was de eerste lp die hij opnam met begeleiding van de Silver Bullet Band. Hij ging er, voor maar een paar concerten in het voorprogramma van Kiss, mee op tournee. Het was een groot succes waarna het management van Kiss vroeg de groep uitgebreid mee op reis te gaan. Het nummer ‘Long song comin’ werd in 1978 gebruikt op Radio Caroline voor een promo, waarin werd aangekondigd dat een concert, gehouden in Capital Tower in Hollywood, exclusief als eerste buiten de VS zou te beluisteren op woensdag 16 augustus 1978. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Long song comin'. This song is from Bob Seger's album 'Seven', which came out in 1974. But it was the first album he recorded accompanied by the Silver Bullet Band. He toured with them for just a few concerts as support act for Kiss. It was a great success after which the management of Kiss asked the group to tour extensively. The song 'Long song comin' was used in 1978 on Radio Caroline for a promo announcing that a concert held at Capital Tower in Hollywood would be the first to be heard outside the US on Wednesday 16 August 1978. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=ab0d594e-717b-4913-b9eb-d132a39d2b0c
  7. Op deze tweede paasdag ; Viering van de 10e vejaardag van Caroline in de nacht van zaterdag 13 op zondag 14 april 1974 https://www.mediafire.com/file/wr0oefpzub4pjvy/Caroline+-19740414+10e+verjaardag+van+0.00+-+rond+1.40u.mp3/file
  8. Doobie Brothers, the – Steamer Lane Breakdown. Een heerlijk instrumentaal deuntje van the Doobie Brothers, dat in 1978 op de lp ‘Minute by minute’ verscheen en datzelfde jaar als achterkant op de single ‘What a fool believes’ door Warner Brothers werd uitgebracht. Ad Roberts vond het nummer mooi genoeg om als eindtune te gebruiken in december 1979 voor zijn programma ‘Eet Smakelijk’ op Radio Caroline. Doobie Brothers, the - Steamer Lane Breakdown. A great instrumental tune by the Doobie Brothers, that appeared in 1978 on the album 'Minute by minute' and was released the same year as the backing track on the single 'What a fool believes' by Warner Brothers. Ad Roberts liked the song enough to use it as an end-tune in December 1979 for his programme 'Eet Smakelijk' (Tasty food) on Radio Caroline. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=0494ae50-2882-44d0-bdae-a4d40709c817
  9. Queen – Brighton Rock. Dit nummer is afkomstig van de in 1974 verschenen lp Sheer Heart Attack en is een compositie gemaakt door Brian May. De intro werd gebruikt op Radio Caroline in 1978 in combinatie met ‘Carnival Midway’ door Jac Holzman and Peter Handford, dat afkomstig is van de lp ‘Authentic Vintage Sounds Effects’, dat uitkwam op het Old Thundridge Records. Er werd aan boord van de Mi Amigo een promospot gemaakt voor de Summer Tour 1978 langs verschillende badplaatsen in Engeland waar niet alleen de Caroline Dubbel Dekker Bus kwam maar ook de Caroline Roadshow een optreden telkens verzorgde. Jac Holzman and Peter Handford – Carnival Midway. Een nummer afkomstig van de lp ‘Authentic Vintage Sounds Effects’, dat uitkwam op het Old Thundridge Records. Er werd aan boord van de Mi Amigo een promospot gemaakt voor de Summer Tour 1978 langs verschillende badplaatsen in Engeland waar niet alleen de Caroline Dubbel Dekker Bus kwam maar ook de Caroline Roadshow een optreden telkens verzorgde. Voor die spot werd ‘Carnival Midway’ gebruikt in combinatie met ‘Brighton Rock’ van Queen. Queen - Brighton Rock. This song is from the 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack and is a composition made by Brian May. The intro was used on Radio Caroline in 1978 in combination with "Carnival Midway" by Jac Holzman and Peter Handford, which came from the album "Authentic Vintage Sounds Effects", released on Old Thundridge Records. A promo spot was made on board the Mi Amigo for the 1978 Summer Tour of various seaside resorts in England where not only the Caroline Double Decker Bus came but also the Caroline Roadshow made an appearance each time. Jac Holzman and Peter Handford - Carnival Midway. A song from the album 'Authentic Vintage Sounds Effects', released on the Old Thundridge Records. On board of the Mi Amigo a promo spot was made for the Summer Tour 1978 along several seaside resorts in England where not only the Caroline Double Decker Bus came but also the Caroline Roadshow performed each time. For that spot, 'Carnival Midway' was used in combination with 'Brighton Rock' by Queen. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=cf5accc2-d047-42fc-9b3f-4fbc364244c4
  10. Radio Mi Amigo 272 besteedde op 31 augustus 1979 vanaf haar zendschip MS Magdalena behoorlijk wat aandacht aan de geschiedenis. Ferry Eden nam de luisteraars mee met oude fragmenten. De luisteraars in Goes werden ook genoemd. In de opname die ik in Vlissingen maakte zijn ook stukjes te horen van Radio Caroline vanaf haar zendschip MV Mi Amigo. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dBSRLfR_C7xAK5GCTDWXaw1xwQdQ8qCB/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. Op 29 september 1978 nam ik in Vlissingen bijgevoegde stukjes op van Radio Caroline met Roger Matthews en Samantha Dubois. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oHHduMdCMJVMTUC7J27LWhfSclrZeaWS/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. Caroline06061979RichardThompson-MartinFisher1738-1938 https://pixeldrain.com/u/TDK1GnJu RadioCaroline-nachtprogramma-19031980 https://pixeldrain.com/u/771SgLuG
  13. Caroline 558-08 08 1987-0725-0900 Jackie Lee https://pixeldrain.com/u/749H7mHw
  14. https://pixeldrain.com/u/bdcXqaL5 December 1994 onbekend From the Ross Revenge RSL1584
  15. New Model Army – Vagabonds. New Model Army werd in 1981 opgericht en bestaat nog steeds. Het nummer Vagabonds werd door Justin Sulivan gecomponeerd in 1987 en verscheen in 1989 op de lp ‘Thunder and Consalation’. Het is een vocaal nummer maar met een instrumentaal intro van 1 min 32 seconden. Ruim genoeg voor Steve Conway op Radio Caroline om een promotiespot in te spreken in januari 1989 voor een speciale trip met The Olau Brittannia op Paaszondag dat jaar om het 25 jarig bestaan te vieren van Radio Caroline. Er werd dus langs de Ross Revenge gevaren en the Caroline Movement, die de tocht organiseerde, bood dit tripje, tegen betaling, aan. Zelfs Ronan O’Rahilly was op deze tocht aanwezig. New Model Army - Vagabonds. New Model Army was formed in 1981 and still exists today. The song Vagabonds was composed by Justin Sullivan in 1987 and appeared on the album 'Thunder and Consalation' in 1989. It is a vocal song but with an instrumental intro of 1 min 32 sec. More than enough for Steve Conway on Radio Caroline to record a promotional spot in January 1989 for a special trip with The Olau Brittannia on Easter Sunday that year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Radio Caroline. So they sailed past the Ross Revenge and the Caroline Movement, who organised the trip, offered this trip, for a fee. Even Ronan O'Rahilly was present on this trip. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=5868ba2e-5c06-47b8-ae0a-faa321617a5c
  16. Paul McCartney and Wings – Singalong junk. Staat al uitgebreid in de lijst en kan worden aangevuld: De instrumentale versie van dit nummer is afkomstig van de in 1970 verschenen lp McCartney en was het debuut soloalbum van Paul McCartney, uitgebracht op 17 april 1970 door Apple Records. McCartney nam het in het geheim op, meestal met behulp van eenvoudige thuisopnameapparatuur in zijn huis in St John's Wood. Het mixen en sommige opnamen vonden plaats in professionele Londense studio's. Afgezien van incidentele bijdragen van zijn toenmalige vrouw Linda, voerde McCartney het hele album alleen uit door te overdubben op vier-sporen tape. Het was Paul de Wit (Erik de Zwart) die op 9 december 1979 voorgoed afscheid nam van zijn collega’s en de luisteraars van Radio Caroline, waarbij hij gebruik maakte van Singalong junk. Paul McCartney and Wings - Singalong junk. Already in the list and can be added: The instrumental version of this song is taken from the 1970 album McCartney and Wings, which was Paul McCartney's debut solo album, released on 17 April 1970 by Apple Records. McCartney recorded it in secret, mostly using simple home recording equipment at his home in St John's Wood. Mixing and some recording took place in professional London studios. Apart from occasional contributions from his then wife Linda, McCartney performed the entire album alone by overdubbing on four-track tape. It was Paul de Wit (Erik de Zwart) who said goodbye to his colleagues and the listeners of Radio Caroline for good on 9 December 1979, using Singalong junk. https://filesender.surf.nl/?s=download&token=d62597b5-4c71-409a-b10b-4536c07fbda6
  17. Caroline, The official story by Tony Allan Jingles https://pixeldrain.com/u/xqVKm8p5 Caroline, The official story by Tony Allan LP1 A https://pixeldrain.com/u/8F2uchuK Caroline, The official story by Tony Allan LP1 B https://pixeldrain.com/u/Js1yVYvZ Caroline, The official story by Tony Allan LP2 A https://pixeldrain.com/u/LJh694cp Caroline, The official story by Tony Allan LP2 B https://pixeldrain.com/u/94j5XPwP
  18. Recorded in Papendrecht, NL https://pixeldrain.com/u/RhtAUfhL
  19. Radio Caroline 558 - 1988 05 11 Wed 1915-2000 - Mick Williams https://pixeldrain.com/u/MPvYZ6Xa
  20. Caroline 1979.08.26 1700-1730 Zondagmiddagmatinee - Hudson, Roberts, Woelwater https://pixeldrain.com/u/tgFeYHWM Caroline 1979.08.28 0730-0800 Wekkerradio - Jeroen Woelwater https://pixeldrain.com/u/inifUtzd Caroline 1979.08.28 0800-0900 Wekkerradio - Jeroen Woelwater https://pixeldrain.com/u/b1Y8GboS
  21. Radio Caroline 19790819-1613-1822-Ad Roberts-Steven Bishop-Zondagmiddag Matinee https://we.tl/t-aRmJ1Zu9N7 daarna om 17.30 iuur de radiogemeente Bloemendaal met dominee Toornvliet en daarna weer Steven Bishop
  22. Radio Caroline South-1966 07 16 - 1620-1800-Emperor Rosko https://pixeldrain.com/u/Lz3KW8YL
  23. Radio Caroline-1979 10 06 - 1515-1715 - Ad Roberts -Paul de Wit https://we.tl/t-Q9s2FueoCT
  24. Radio Caroline 1964 03 28 1315-1410 Chris Moore en Simon Dee https://pixeldrain.com/u/BimSD9TA
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