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fragmenten en countdown caroline 1965

hans knot

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21 hours ago, hans knot said:


On this tape 19 min airchecks followed by Caroline Countdown with Dave Lee Travis 1965 05 21 total time 56 min


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Thank you Hans

This countdown of sound is from one year later Saturday 21 May 1966

Rosko is following DLT at 1500


Eric C.

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5 uur geleden zei Peter van Odekerke:

Maar....ze waren op de goede weg toen in mei 66.


Met veel dank aan Tom Lodge.


"a big fifty kilowatt transmitter operating on a better frequency, renovated studios, a taller aerial mast, a larger generator and a new jingle package.


It was time for Tom's team to go into action - and he had a revolutionary idea on how to take on the highly formatted sound of Radio London. The Caroline DJs were not going to have a format at all!


They were specifically forbidden to prepare their shows in advance. Tom told them “You get all the records and albums that you might want to play on your show and place them around you at the console. There'll be a box for the Top 40, a box for the new releases, a box for our favourites and a third box for golden oldies, old hits ...


You can only decide what to play when the one before is playing ... You've got to feel your show, not think about it. You've gotta be right in it. And then you'll always know what to play next. You have to really listen to your own show. None of this turning down the monitor and relaxing until the record ends. You have to be your show's own number one fan. This is about being one with the music.


And above all having fun. And when you go ashore, do gigs, be involved with the music scene and bring those feelings back here and put this fun energy into your show.


Radio Caroline South entered a golden era as Tom's new team embraced his spontaneous style of broadcasting. The new concept worked. Caroline South rapidly increased its audience but, unfortunately, Tom wasn't able to enjoy it for long."


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