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  1. 04-01-1975 Splinter – Costa Fine Town [Dark Horse] 11-01-1975 Major Harris Boogie Blues Band – Each Morning I Wake Up [Atlantic] 18-01-1975 Billy Paul – You Got To Be True Full To Me [Onbekend] 25-01-1975 Disco Tex & Sex O Lettes – Get Dancin’ [Polydor] 01-02-1975 Charles Aznavour – The ‘I Love You’ Song [Barclay] 08-02-1975 Mud – Secrets That You Keep [Rak] 15-02-1975 Pilot – January [EMI] 22-02-1975 Donna Summer – Love To Love You [Groovy] 01-03-1975 Left Side – Tessie (I Love You) [Philips] 08-03-1975 Louis Neefs – He Lieve Mensen [CBS] 15-03-1975 Lester & Denwoo
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